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Winning design #105 by edro, Graphic Design for 4 to 6 page sales presentation for Apple Ipad 2 Contest
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designed by edro

Project description

We are introducing a new odor eliminating product. We are in search of a "4 to 6 to 8 page sales presentation for Apple Ipad 2" The software will be Apple KEYNOTE. In this product sales slide show, we are trying to paint a picture as to why the customer needs this product. Here is the current slide show, which is a horrible job. http://www.biocleandeodorizer.com/ Feel free to use this slideshow as something to build from. NOTE: This product is very usefull for a car dealership to remove odors like cigarette smoke and for household use like if a person cooked for years with strong curry.

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  • Thanks for the input, Apple Keynote is the software we are looking for. Please provide a single slide for your entry. -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • Dear Contest Holder, What file type do you want? Picture or a Keynote? Please give this information. Thanks.
  • Hi, Just to give you a little info, the program I think your looking for is 'keynote'. http://www.apple.com/ipad/from-the-app-store/apps-by-apple/keynote.html This is basically powerpoint for apple products. Also with regards to this competition should we just show you an example of one page for the presentation? Because we can only post single images. -Altair
  • Hello contestants, please review this slideshow. http://www.biocleandeodorizer.com/ We want to make a much improved version of this slideshow useing KEYNOTE Apple Software. Please provide a 1 page example of your work.
  • Dear CH, I have some question. You want it to be used on your iPad 2 using Keynote. Is this right?
  • Now, every entry after #1 use a leaves as a background. LOL
  • Hi CH, Here is my entry #7 I've been thinking everything so that everything is much more intuitive I board not put all images.
  • Font is too large -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • Very professional high rez image! -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • Dear CH, I have finished all slide. But I can't find an 'ISO 9001:2000 Compliant Company' logo. Do you want that to be in the presentation? If yes, please send the logo to me. Thanks. ^^
  • http://www.biocleandeodorizer.com/ <<-- You can get contect here at this website -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • Dear Contest Holder, Where can I get the content from? Thanks.
  • Dear CH, Unfortunately, this site isn't allowed to upload video file. So I just describing why mine is a simple box. My design used the box because it is going in the way you want, classic. it will looks more luxury when working with animation. Please note that #39 and #40 Isn't included all slide. But if you want please tell me. Thanks ^^
  • Dear CH, I am pleased that you like !!! Here is my new entry #27 with the other slides. The slide 9 is missing, I would do it if I win because I do not like see images of infections (sorry) Tell me if you like!
  • About #23 Thank you for appreciating Extra Hexagonal Touch. Can you please tell me what can I add more in order to improve it and let us finalize the work. :)
  • I like how you went a different direction than the other artists, but I believe everyone has seen this image somewhere or another -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • I like the Shadow effects, clean look -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • I like the extra Hexagonal images, nice touch -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • I like the Font, I like the simple White Images, very clean look. Feel free to edit the product bullet points to more effective wording. Our orignal sales slide was thrown together in one afternoon. Backround images are plain, but i can undertand this in the middle of the presentation. -Bio-Clean of Texas
  • I like the globe but not the leaf -Bio-Clean of Texas