707 Magic Banner Set

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Winning design #42 by sophchi, Graphic Design for 707 Magic Banner Set Contest
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designed by sophchi

Project description

We are a Vertically Integrated Manufacturer based out of LA established in 1991. We are looking for a set of banners for the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas. Our competitors include Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil Knitwear, Next Level Apparel, Ei-Lo, Cotton Heritage and Alstyle Apparel. #1) 2 by 20 Feet banner that will hang on top of booth towards the back of the booth. This should be designed horizontally it will be hanging lengthwise so 20 feet across the booth. Banner should include following: -Company Logo/Name -Phrase "Vertically Integrated Mill" -Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Printing, Packing, Shipping ( in bullets points underneath "Vertically Integrated Mill" -Pictures of our factory, Machines or product -Super clean and Modern look -Black and silver color scheme #2) 24 by 80 inches stand up banner. This will in front of the booth attracting customers to booth. Banner should include following: -Company logo/Name -Pictures of people wearing product -Picture of factory (Optional) -Black and SIlver color scheme -Clean and Modern look Both banners should work well together as they will be used at the same time. Total of 3 banners (1-2 by 20 feet) and (2-24 by 80 inch). All the photos and information needed are provided. Good Luck designers. All information can be found on our FTP site information below: Here is the login info: Download Cyberduck. Ftp.fantasyincgroup.com user: stripecatalog@fantasyincgroup.com Password: Stripe707 Do not use www or anything before ftp. LOGO WILL BE GIVEN VERY SOON IT IS ON THE WAY work with all this and just place the logo once it is given, THNX

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  • good day CH, pls increase the prize, i think nobody will enter to your contest since too many sizes of the banners.....
    • We don't mind increasing the prize although there are only 2 sizes of banner 1 is big and 2 are normal size. Regards Damir

    • thank you sir, i will send you my entry soon, what color do u prefer?

    • Black and silver color scheme. Look forward to see your entry. Regards Damir

  • Hello CH, where I can download the logo? I'm having a hardtime finding it. Thanks
  • Hello All Try to use more pictures that are in the Catalog folder. thanks
  • All information can be found on our FTP site: Here is the login info: Download Cyberduck. Ftp.fantasyincgroup.com user: stripecatalog@fantasyincgroup.com Password: Stripe707 Do not use www or anything before ftp.
  • More pictures and information added to ftp site plz refer to complete banner design. Files recommended for reference are Fantasy Catalog and Fantasy Activewear Inc power point. Look forward to see entries. Regards Damir
  • We raised the prize so designers, we encourage your participation and the one we like best we plan to do more business with in the near futre. Regards Damir
    • I will be submitting to your contest. Thanks for the prize increase!! HAH!

  • Great design. Plz apply following changes: !) Add text "Fantasy Activewear Inc." above 707 logo 2)Replace 707 logo for winning 707 logo with the stars and stripes 3) Replace pictures for free standing people modeling shirts like entry #24. 4) Add picture of kid found in catalog page 25 (little kid in black shirt middle of page) 5)Add picture of kid found in catalog page 21 (kid wearing yellow shirt middle of page) Thnx Damir
    • Hi Damir, I changed it and thanks for rating it a 100! For the photos, the one with the kids... and the teens That needs to be uploaded on to the server. I had to take it from the indesign file which is not good. It's too low in resolution. Also the logo needs to be uploaded in vector format too. Thanks! I will soon upload the other banner too! sophie

  • plz leave the picture of the factory if it fits and blends well together with other pictures. Thnx
  • Thnx for all your hard work, great design. We would ike a couple changes applied before we finalize, they follow below: 1)Add text "Fantasy Activewear Inc." above 707 logo (so it the company name is easily visible 2)Replace 707 logo for the winning 707 logo with stars and stripes 3) Replace current photo for -shot_03-93-Edit.jpg -shot_05-198-Edit.jpg -shot_07-2-Edit.Jpg Make these photos work well together. All photos found on ftp site under "images for banner" Thnx Damir
  • Hi sir! please check my design #10, i hope you like it! i did not see your logo, if you like, i could change it! thank you
  • Hello, Please provide me any feedback you can on my design #21. Thank you!
  • Dear sir, please check my 1st entry & waitng my other size entry appreaciated feedback thank
  • Looks to busy, simplify a little. So it is easy to the eye and not over whelming. Thnx Damir
    • Hi Damir, I made those changes ~ I also tried to make them match better! I hope you like it! Thanks, Sophie

  • Replace text "Full package program" for "Vertically Integrated Mill" Replace text "Nafta Compliant" for "Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Printing, Packaging, Shipping"
  • Dear Designers, We have extended the competition to see more entries. Good luck. Regards Damir
  • Hi Sophchi Instead of that guy in green shirt we want the same guy in grey shirt with the girl has the hand on his shoulder and leaning. thanks
  • Hello We like this banner to be the final one. there are some changes i want to recommend-- 1- Take off the dog picture in that area. 2- Add 3 of Men's Picture one In stripes, another in Tank Top and 3rd the Big guy. Pick the best of the the big guy pic. 3- Increase the font for Fantasy Activewear Inc so it is bigger and readable. Please do this today itself and send it thanks
    • Hi Damir, I made those revisions. I only added 2 guys because I found it too cluttered. Thanks, Sophie p.s: yes I can make those other changes too.

  • Add est.1991 to banner and simply just a little more. thnx Damir
    • Hi Damir, I made those changes. I also replaced one photo with the other because I found the new photo is less busy. Let me know if that is ok? If not, I can change it back. The site just told me that I can submit only one more design. Thanks, Sophie

  • still to busy, simply much more and include est.1991 on banner. Plz do soon so we can choose the winner soon. thnx Damir