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Design Brief
Now that vampires are fully integrated into society, a whole new market has opened up for energy drinks. I’ve created a new drink especially for vampires that replaces the need for human blood. I need a label for my new bottled drink called “Bloodless: The Human Alternative” The first drink will be O+ flavor, since this is the most popular choice for vampires today.

The label should be 4” wide and 4” tall. Don’t worry about ingredients or nutrition facts (I’ll put those on a separate label on the back) The label does not have to be square, but needs to fit into these dimensions.

What is the full name as you want it on your label?

Do you want any slogans or taglines on your label?
“The Human Alternative” or “the Drink with a Bite” (but I would appreciate other suggested taglines if you have some ideas!)

What service or product do you provide?
Bloodless is a new energy drink for vampires, that replaces the need to bite humans. The specially formulated beverage completely replaces human blood as a vampire’s sole source of nutrition, and it’s delicious, too!

What is your target audience?
Any vampire that wants to be accepted into society, and not hurt humans, all ages.

What style would you like your label to be? Would you like unique text, an icon with the name included in it, an icon with the name next to it, an illustration, or a different style?
I want my label to appeal to all ages, and not be too gory. It will be sitting on store shelves along with human-grade drinks, so it needs to be commercially acceptable, but also needs to stand out as a vampire’s drink. You could show vampire teeth, blood, other vampire related elements, but don’t show killing or anything scary. Vampires are trying to re-vamp (hehe) their image as ruthless and violent creatures to be more socially acceptable, so this label needs to represent our new image.

Do you want any specific ideas implemented into your label?
I think it’s important to show something clearly representative of vampires, but I’ll leave the creativity up to you. As far as copy, please include the following:

The Human Alternative
A satisfying energy drink
Type O+ Flavor
Complete nutrition, specially formulated for vampires to replace human blood
*does not contain real blood.

What should come to a customers mind when they see your label?
That it is a human blood replacement drink, to help vampires be more socially accepted in society.

How will the label be used?
It will be placed on bottles of Bloodless, on store shelves everywhere.

Do you have any files or images that you wish the designers to view?
These are some label designs that I like, but feel free to use your creativity to make something completely new and original

This is the bottle I am using to package the drink. This is only for your reference, do not mockup your label onto the bottle at this time:

The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • Vampyres CAN play tennis.
  • Yo. There's "G", and then there's ....... "B".
  • Oops! I uploaded 2 by accident! I am trying to figure out how to remove one!
  • thanks for your entry! It's nice to see some other colors being used! Very nice. Like the humor too (clotless, haha - reminds me of Pulp-free orange juice)
  • I'd like to see some more entries using less black and red, consider the idea of vampires trying to be more socially accepted and mainstream, less scary... Would also be nice to see some different shaped labels (as long as they can fit into the 4"x 4" label area). Lot's of creativity here already, you're all doing really nice work - thanks!
  • Also really like the light colored label
  • Great font choice! And I really like the teeth biting into the O's. Very creative!
  • thanks for submitting a revision! I like this much better now, thank you!
  • I love the simplicity of this entry, and the unique color choices. Nice. I would only ask that you add the "complete nutrition" copy points. Thanks!
  • very creative copywriting! I'd like to see this one again with the rest of the copy points added, and the flavor. Cool vampire teeth illustration!
  • thanks for your entry, nice layout and font choices, and tagline. Just a small typo in "does not contain..." Good work!
  • Nice
  • you may delete this one too! thx again i did a triple upload i gues, sorry
  • you may delete this one, thx
  • 1st comment and I have a typo - Doh! (Apologies) That is what I get for not sleeping and stalking the forum.
  • Thanks for all the feedback! This is a a really fun project. After less than 24 hours, I can tell I am going to be really addicted to this site! :o)
  • Coy
    williamconklin we love to see your submission as well. :D
  • my crit: the cliches are quite concerning. I would like to see the 50th of 100th idea from these designers, not their 1st or 2nd.
  • Really cool idea... Great concept, I might have to rethink using a bottle and package my drink in collection bags... I like it! I also like how you rounded the corners of the label. Thanks for your entry!
  • i like the symbols and the "no humans were harmed" statement. very nice :)