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Project description

We are looking for unique, cool, creative, rectangular belt buckle designs to be manufactured and sold worldwide. See our current line at www.beltsdirect.com to better understand our line and types of designs we are interested in. The target demographic is 13-25 year olds, trendy, high fashion, cutting edge, punk, and downright cool.

Each buckle design must adhere to the to following:
- Actual buckle dimensions are rectangular, 3.32" x 2.092"
- 300 DPI or higher
- file formats: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or a high resolution jpg (note that the entry you are submitting to the contest doesn't have to be larger than 640x480 px)

Up to 10 runner ups will receive $25 cash.

Buckle Design Entries must comply with the following standards:
1. No trademarks, service marks, trade names, brands, individuals or copyrighted material of third parties without an expressed written license agreement from the copyright owner.
2. No names or depictions of public figures, public officials, or celebrities.
3. No personal information, for example, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
4. No defamatory images or statements.

message from the administration: Exceptionally you don't have to use the standard DesignContest canvas. You can submit your design just as an image with proportions 640x480px and white background (please no color/gradient backgrounds) or use the buckle template the company has provided. You can download several available formats here.

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  • hi ..thanks alot for ur feedback would u like me to add animals to the existing eagle or choose another wild animal!
  • dont know. A futuristic embryo
  • Thanks :) I'll upload a variation later today
  • details please! I'm seeing only one word: "problem"...
  • This is copyright infringement/plagiarism
  • different background - and would like to see other animals and wildlife images
  • sweet design - but definitely needs to go to Ford for licensing approval
  • can't go wrong with gambling and vegas themes
  • different background - instead of the red with the stripes - but leave the little heads in the back ground - good stuff
  • the flower on the bottom doesn't go with the Anarchy and the flames and the black - but the idea is sweet
  • might be too much detail for a belt buckle though
  • phenomenal detail
  • a little too clean and simple
  • clean and simple - which is also a good thing sometimes
  • interesting
  • i like it - that grill might belong to a Jeep - so that might need to be licensed
  • nice
  • nice
  • sharp - pretty