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 As in any contest you should submit your entries as 640x480px images. Though in this contest you choose yourself how to present your idea - you can just use text (still inside an image file) or combine it with an illustration. Make your idea heard!

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  • the contest is extended by one more week! we need to have more ideas and we want to see more people share their thoughts about the development of DC here.
  • About the store: I love the idea of unused designs being available for purchase. Also, I think it may be beneficial to also have a stock photography section (from our photographers/designers) for both other designers and contest holders to look at for their work or promotional material. Great idea Stev27!
  • the bottom line reads or Elite designers vote on the design I think the only people against something like this would be the ones violating TOS. This is just a rough idea
  • great idea! we were also thinking about organizing a store where designers would be able to sell designs that did not win in contests.
  • i like sharie's idea about the did u know , i'm familiar with forums so i know how this things works..but i know there's alot of ppl doesn't really know about them, i guess forums using culture would be good add to the knowledgebase! since DC is about getting involved in the society. note to sharie : We can't really see the ISP address icon ;) only u (administration) have these super powers XD
  • That is great information to know. I was unaware about all of them.
  • excellent! we were actually already thinking about something like that - a form that a designer should agree to before submitting a design to a contest. Besides the things you've mentioned we were also thinking about making the designer state that he/she is the author of 100% of the work he is submitting and he is aware of the consequences of submitting work that is not his.
  • I've suggested here maybe a little feature but i think would do some difference , i hate to see mods suffer form all the time & effort needed to go through entries for hours to delete unknowing members..also the contest page looks so unprofessional with all the entries marked as (problem). may be that would reduce the amount of entries that have a problem. the dialog box i've made is just a way to preview. & all the points inside is all i could think of of what i've seen entries having problems for. regards, Selma
  • atinroy, thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the brief, even though your idea is just text information, you still need to submit it as an image. That's how contests on work.
  • I suggest an online graphics software that let's the community members design on the site.
  • So yeah, well, I hope my ideas help.
  • #4495 if you click "quick links" you can choose "todays posts" that will list all of the days posts even ones you have viewed.
  • I really appreciate your intentions, but I think that we should try and keep the front page within some limits. So in my opinion we should consider other means of solving this problem. Personally I use "new posts" link on the forums - it lists all new posts since my last visit. But we don't have this link on the front page, so it would be a good idea to copy it there.
  • excellent idea! we are planning to add different new types of contests but as far as I remember we haven't thought of avatar design!