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First – The normal stuff. Size 640X480 if you draw it in those dimensions there shouldn’t be any problems uploading your images. Use any drawing medium you’d like to use Pen/Pencil and paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or 3D software whatever floats your boat. You are NOT allowed to use Photos, or manipulated photos in these contests. The designs CANNOT be any of your old work so no recycling images/designs/concepts the good news is you keep all rights to the images so after the contest use them for what ever you’d like..

Now lets get to the nitty gritty…. I want you to listen to Little Joe the Wrangler by Chris LeDoux – http://www.ilike.com/artist/Chris+LeDoux/album/Old+Cowboy+Classics?src=onebox..
Now I know that we all have our ways of designing and some utilize the use of music in some shape or form. When I listen to this song, I get quite few images in my mind through out, so I’d like to see what you see or feel after you listen to it. I think this will be a great way to show your absolute most creative side.

I’ll be giving feedback and what I think of your designs as the contest moves forward. But you’ll be judged by your peers here at DC through a voting poll. The members will judge the creativity and skills of your work. Just as always the winner of the contest will receive a DC T-shirt from our store and will move the winner once step closer to become an Elite Design Team member. The winners of the community contest need to contact resurepus with their information.

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  • NIce! I like the montage effect.
  • Alright... you'll have to zoom in to get the full effect. Yes, it's a little on the dark side. I was looking for a sunset, just-after-the-storm-passed motif. The song lyrics offered quite a few options, but his was the idea that first came to mind.
  • Coy
    nice work I like it better than your first submission.
  • OOh some pretty tough competition now~ Beautiful entries!
  • Coy
    Like an angel I've extended it till the 15 in hopes of some additional entries. So work on getting that scanned it. ;)
  • Coy
    nice work
  • hello coy :) u really wanted to join (feel the music) contest..but i couldn't scan the work i've done on paper :( i really like #2015 BTW good luck for all the participants anyways :)
  • About #1973 Reply 15 on : Tue April 06, 2010, 11:51:10 Interesting thought. But it reflects nothing about the song? I may sound like I'm niggling but... "so I’d like to see what you see or feel after you listen to it." ...doesn't say anything about... "it having to reflect the song" For me the description of the kid seems blatantly contrived that what came to mind was a kid standing front of a mirror in his dad's shoes. Therefore I would have been disqualified because the statement of purpose was not clear.
  • Coy
    Kat I understand that the song may have made you think of John Wayne but simply reworking an image will not work in this contests. listen to it again, hear/feel the words and let your imagination conger up an image and sketch it out. then submite it. I see a bunch of images when I hear the song. a small kid/man/teenager riding up to a bunch fo cowboys, a small figure riding through the rain, a mangled kid under an enormous horse, some old cow puncher teaching a kid different horses by pointing them out.. Plus a whole slew of other images. not a photo of an western film icon. I'm not trying to be mean and understand why you've had that image in mind.. but dig a little deeper. I'll even extend this contest to give you all extra time if Resurepus will allow it.
  • Coy , I only used a photo(s) for referrence, to create the "Duke" so technically I followed the rules , and that was the first thought/feeling that came to mind when I heard the songs.
  • Coy
    Interesting thought. But it reflects nothing about the song?
  • Coy
    KatGV - although I really like the "Duke". You should of read the brief. "You are NOT allowed to use Photos, or manipulated photos in these contests"
  • the first thing I thought of when I heard all of there music was watching old western movies on TV with my dad when I was younger.
  • Eureka!
  • Admittedly I am having trouble submitting my entry. Anyone?
  • Country Music logo, eh? I like a good challenge..
  • In logo design, my mantra is "less is more"...but in this case I may have to bend my own rules~
  • counting the day ... and try to listening LeDoux music ... again n again ... ;)
  • Mike - it's a new rule, so you probably slipped your entry in before the rule was in place
  • It's Saturday night. You'd think I would have something better to do. Oops! I let the cat out of the bag. O.K. You caught me. I'm boring.