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The MAC Trust is launching its inaugural fundraising campaign this fall. To recognize our generous donors we wish to create a permanent display in the MAC. Many institutions have "donor trees" where each leaf on the tree is has a donor's name. We wish to use this concept but the theme needs to be aquatic rather than a tree. We will have four levels of donors so we will need to have a way to distinguish them. Price is an important consideration so we will need to work with relatively inexpensive materials (wood, acrylic, plastic). The wall on which this display will go is just over 5 feet wide but very tall. I will try to post some pictures of the room for you to see. I will also try to post a picture of a "classic" donor tree and a jpeg of the Madras Aquatic Center logo. The colors indicated are flexible and the most important think for us is the concept, creativity and a combination of class but fun too.

note from the administration: the use of the DC canvas is not required in this contest

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  • The template for each element would be to the exact size you want for ease of construction and also ..for example if cut from wood this would be like a 3d image not flat like the example uploaded
  • I like the vertically oriented version and the comparative simplicity of the background.
  • How would this look with 4 distinct colors and maybe sized "wave blocks" and also in a more random pattern?
  • I like the concept and it is similar to what I was thinking when this contest started. Can you flesh is out a bit with some different sized fish and the oysters on the bottom idea? Thanks.
  • Like this too but not as much as the other.
  • I think I like this one better. Cool concept. Fun but classy. Any thoughts about the materials used?
  • This is a nice logo but we are looking for a donor recognition concept. I know we are in the logo category and that is confusing but that is where the administrator suggested the contest be posted. Thanks.
  • Great questions. We hope to ultimately have 100-200 contributors. That is why the donor tree concept is so nice but again we are looking for something more aquatic in nature. I think the whole width would be necessary but the height is less critical. See below for likely materials. Thanks.
  • I'm surprised more questions haven't been asked... Understanding that this fundraiser is not yet complete, do you have a minimum goal as to the number of contributors you hope to have added to this wall? Also, would you like the design to utilize the entire height/width of the given wall assuming the price was within budget? Do you have preferences regarding the materials you'd like utilized?
  • Likely a combination. I think there will cutting and maybe some painting. The plaques with the donors' names will need to be cut and engraved. The plaques can't be on expensive materials like granite or expensive metals but rather wood, acrylic or plastic.
  • I have a few ideas going but thought I had better ask a few questions. Will someone be painting from the design we make? Or do you need the design to more of a template for cutting (like for vinyl), or a combination of both?