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The RESTRICTIONS in this contests are no photo manipulations and can not have been created for anything other than this contest, so no old drawings/images you did last week or last year and we don’t need to see a copy of someone else’s works it will have to come from with in your dark (or light) mind.. :D


We feel that these exercises will be a nice change from the everyday norm of creating logos and other design layouts.


You can use the tools of your choice, a graphic tablet or just paper and pencil. You can even do a vector rendering if you like. The image that you upload will be automatically resized to 640x480px. And will need to be a JPG type of image.


You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest.

The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, drawing skills, sense of humor or your sick twisted mind of what you create. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • Mermaid Skull is #569 Coy, but anyways thanx a lot. :D
  • Coy
    #569 - loving the mermaid skull. creative. #572 - this is a much better design than the last one.
  • hey, nice dinosaur!
  • Coy
    #555 Nice work I figured someone would post one up like this. I like em. :D #557 nico really liking the image and effects added to it. #559 Sharie outstanding illustration it reminds me of the Tony Hawk logo/image. And it's loose skin/feathers almost like it's roaming around in a robe. lol #560 outstanding work alex as usual love the effects on the skull gives it a metalish feel to it. #563 this makes me think of a scientist scanning the ground in search of dino skeltons with some cool special exray type of machine. nice work.
  • hey, Josh, good to see you back to Community Contests!
  • Coy
    #554 cool take on the skull theme.. jecrt figured this would be up your alley. Lol
  • Coy
    Thanks LOL, your enthusiasum is great.. Now get another troll in before tomorrow and some skulls drawn up. :)
  • Wahahahahhahaa!!! Coy just placed all of the potential designers for this contest into his "battleField" - mwahahahaha!!! #553 - snap that sketch! rockn' i say!
  • thanks coy i used an image for reference just to get the proportions right. i also got the same feeling about the red and blue version, i later realized that it looks almost like the thundercats logo
  • I actually liked #589! I see those standing in some modern coffeshop or something. The seats could even be more normal headed! Why did you guys eliminate this one?!
  • Coy
    #588 - nice image not bad at all but I feel like I've seen something similar before just not sure where. it is lacking a little imagination but still and overall nice image. #589 - doesn't look like those chairs(?) were made for this contest. sorry eliminated. #591 - #592 - nice image the area behind the eyes look like it really doesn't belong there. I don't know why but I also feel like I've see this somewhere before. Maybe it's simply the look yours and jbcianci's has to them that make me feel this way??
  • @jjyepez - thanks! i thought i'd never finish that drawing ... took me 3 days ... LOL! i kept doing it in little pieces ....... the last set including the wings ... i did at work ... 2hrs. before office time starts! hahaha!
  • thanks gregoshe. I was trying some new things. i havent worked much with the mesh tool or the blend tool, so i was giving them a try
  • #588, thats a really cool effect. I was layering alot of grids and text like this in illustrator but I really like how you made the 3d layering applicable to something to this project
  • Very nice entry sevehn, very nice.
  • Thank you resurepus, coy, sevehn ... I aprreciate your compliment. -- btw, It surely was a cyclops, .. a goofy one perhaps, but a cyclops indeed. :-) -- Regards.
  • @resperus - kinda, sorta, maybe? LOOOL! @scorpionagency - uh-huh! i know right! thanks! @Coy - yah! about the comment! ROFL! thanx! =) lolzzzzz!!!
  • i love it!
  • angel's anatomy? ;)
  • Very nice piece, I love the overall feel & meaning in it.