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nothing much to add here - it's all about text bubbles and your ability to create an interesting, unusual and funny story using them.

and just for your reference - the original picture was found here.

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  • for the testing purpose, I am going to choose the winner manually. It is an exception, in the future community contests we'll still run polls.
  • this has been a fun contest! I have just realized that one week is probably too long for this format. So I am planning to close this contest tommorrow. This way we'll be able to launch the new one sooner.
  • Nice story :D
  • redtapegraphics, done. great story! :)
  • Hi resurepus - can you please delete my first post? There was an extra space in one of the bubbles that I had to delete. Thanks!
  • I'm new to the forum. I'll be making an intro to the community shortly. -Mike
  • LOLLOL very good :D
  • #1504 HAHAHA. That's awesome.
  • nope ... its Transformers (1800's!) LOL!
  • Coy
    You must use the picture and import it into Illustrator or photoshop and creat the "silly chat".. Kinda like you'd see in a cartoon w/ speach bubbles.
  • Nobody wins playing "chicken".
  • "Must be a Toyota."