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Really good designer. And changed everything I told him. Thanks.

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Winning design #34 by sajad, Graphic Design for application template Contest
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designed by sajad

Project description


I looking for a new job and I would like to do a special application, which not everyone have. Especially, I would like to have a special CV-Design. I don't apply for a job in a graphic sector, but I would like to catch attention.

The design could easy made by Adobe Photoshop or Indesign. You will as well find an idea in the added files, It should be a litte be more special that the Idea you will find. The idea is in german, but please do everything on English.

I am looking forward for your ideas. 

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  • my simple design waiting anychange color or extra add #39
  • Thank you it's a really nice, the picture is a little bit big, but I like to colours and everything, It have to think about the design. Thanks. About #36, @take11
  • With perspective #37
  • Hi, take a look at this one. I have tried to incorporate everything that you have liked so far, including a custom gradient colour scheme and an attractive, modern layout. I hope you like it! #36
  • Thanks, I really like the design. At the moment I not sure how I could to this CV-design with a cover letter. Thanks for the desgin. About #25, @sajad
    • About #25, @sonjawinter43
      Im so happy to hear that you liked my design and you appreciate creativity and original art. I'll design the cover letter with the same design theme for you and upload it here soon .
      this is one of my favorite contests in the website and i assure you that i'll do my best so the final piece would be something unique and eye catching for any company that you send your resume too .


  • really interesting and special, with the big picture. About #27, @powerdesignstudion38
  • Thank you for the changes. I have to think about, but it looks really nice. About #24, @powerdesignstudion38
  • @sonjawinter43
    Hi, dear Sonja!
    Check please my design #32 and feel free to let me know, what do you think about it!

    Kind regards
  • resume and cover letter #31
  • hope you like it #30
  • resume with cover letter #29
  • sample design #28
  • other sample design #27
  • I really like design 10 or 14 could it be possible to make a extra page for the letter like design 15, 16, 17? That would be great. Thanks #10
  • Thank you for your idea. I really. I don't like the colour really. and could it be possible to at charts for the language skills? Kind regards #18
  • other sample #17
  • other sample #16
  • other sample #15