ARA's Wings Across the Valley Expo

This was my first time using Design Contest. It was so easy!!! I recommend it to anyone needing a design.

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Winning design #24 by GJR, Graphic Design for ARA's Wings Across the Valley Expo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

This will be for promotional materials that includes the event name (above) and an airplane flying over other vehicles such as a firetruck, motorcycle, 18-wheel truck, classic car, ambulance, etc.

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  • Different mountains for these ones #13
  • Hello @mingoairportauthority I made the changes hope its good working hard on this for you... #12
  • Can we make the plane bigger so that it is covering the mountains. #11
  • Would love to see the mountains be more foliage-covered vs snow-capped. #11
  • We have green foliage covered mountains, not snow capped mountains. #11
  • hello @mingoairportauthority Now a fire truck and mountains not so pointy #9 #10
  • Is this contest for Illustration/Graphic Design or a logo?
    • @weiesnbach Both. I would like to use the design on flyers and other promotional materials.

    • @mingoairportauthority Hi there This is Admin Sharie If this contest is for a logo we need to change the category and the prize needs to be increased 60.00 Please increase the prize amount by clicking on upgrade contest . Once I see the prize increased I will change to logo category. You will then start getting the result you need and want Thank you

  • Please note the comments on #7 & #8. #6
  • I really like this. As I commented on #8, I'd like the bus to be replaced with a fire truck and the mountaintops to be more rounded.
  • I love this!!! Just a couple of changes, though. The mountain peaks are little too sharp, our mountaintops are a bit more rounded and could you replace the bus with a firetruck? #8
  • #1 #4
  • Hello please check and feedback. #6 #7