Baseball Caps for Alaska

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We need great baseball cap designs for the Alaska market with a focus on Alaska wildlife and icons. We are looking for basic designs that would translate to a 8,000 stitch to 10,000 stitches targeting men ages 40 - 60 years old.

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  • Ch, so you need a basic design based on your stitch count. Is this correct? I know outlines cause a problem with bring stitch count up.
  • Disregard #8. The green turned out brighter than I expected.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I will see what i can do to enhance the image. I do know space is limited and spent years dealing with embroidery so know there are limits. I am available for one on one should you be interested.
  • I need varied concepts, so no 2 can look alike or have the same shape. Usually prefer the whole animal. Emphasize Alaska.
  • Like it. We promote only Alaska not our name so please remove and add Alaska related text. I will be buying more than the one design.
  • Needs to be more dynamic, larger eagle extending out of the circle, bigger emphasis on Alaska. I will be buying more than the 1 design. Thank you.
  • Bring more color in and fill in the state of Alaska. I will be buying more than 1 design. Thank you.
  • good direction, remove arrow and replace with salmon, bring color to eagle brown/black yellow. I will be buying more than 1 design. Thank you.
  • Right direction, stitch count is OK, please remove 'stuff' between his feet, color the word ALASKA and make his coat more defined. I will be buying more that just the one design winner. Thank you.
  • 3-d party images are not allowed. Please, read our guidelines.
  • Again, for some reason, #39 turned out brighter than expected. My apologies; #40 is correct.
  • clipart not allowed
  • no clipart or 3rd part art allowed
  • you are not allowed to use 3rd part or clipart in a design that will be re-sold
  • You are not allowed to use 3rd part art/clipart. This ball cap design is something that will be re-sold
  • you can't use 3rd party art in something that will be resold photos not allowed either
  • we can work on the color if you like the layout i just had to submit
  • Dear CH, this is my unique Entry.I hope you like it. Best regards!
  • Alaska is "whale place" in aleutian language. I think you know this.
  • you do not own the art you used inthe design, the art is found here