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Winning design #62 by vlada, Graphic Design for Beer Label Contest
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designed by vlada

Project description

Falls City is an iconic regional brand that has been reborn as a craft beer. We have a historic logo and need to come up with a stunning new design for our label that embodies the history of the brand and the off-centered nature of a renegade craft beer company. We are small and hungry and willing to take chances. Can't mess with the logo though. I want to use that as-is. (note the logo that we want to use is the .ai file. It is a little different than the one on the sample label) Background colors that I like are "craft" (light brown) and navy, but I am open to suggestion. Attached is our current label so you can get an idea of the sizing and the information that has to be on the label. The dimensions of the label are 3.545” H X 3.818” W with no die cuts and no die cuts on the neck label. Thanks.

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  • I do have a vector version.
  • do you have a vector version of the logo itself? Or would you like us to re-produce it?
  • I like the design, but can't handle the die cuts. Can you do something that conforms to the shape of the label?
  • need to conform to the label size and shape.
  • This looks good, but needs to conform to the label shape. 3.5 x 3.18. no die cuts.
  • Hate the bow
  • Not bad, conceptually, but can't do die cuts on the neck label and the oval needs to remain intact.
  • I really like this design. I would like to see a standard neck label (can't handle die cut there). I am checking to see if the equipment can handle a die cut on the front label. If not, may need a square version.
  • clipart is not allowed please use your own original design work
  • does the logo need to stay in the red oval? or can the text of the logo be incorporated into the design without the oval?
  • Hi CH, Please check my first Entry #9 in your contest, i hope you like it, Thanks Salman khan
  • done
  • could you please upload vector logo to project brief, thank you
  • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback of #44, i made another 2 concepts #51 & #52 for you to choose, hope you like it. Thanks
  • About #20, I will try that with the brown background. Would you consider doing the label on a transparent sticker. That way, a die cut would not be neccessary, but it would still give it the appearance of being a die-cut? I think that might look really good.
  • Amber (Brown) bottle
  • Greetings David, I wanted to know what the color of the bottle you are using to develop the colors based on it. thanks
  • a little too generic looking for me.
  • A good entry might be the die-cut label in #20 set on a brown background that would blend in with the amber bottle. I like the die-cut look. I don't know that it will work, but might be a good entry.
  • I don't really like all the scrolls