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Winning design #9 by lizonil, Graphic Design for Believers Fellowship Church Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

We need a background slide image to be used with an upcoming sermon series on the biblical book 1 John. The series will be called “Abide,” and our primary image for the series will be “being a part of a family/community.”

 The point of the series (and the message we want the design to communicate) is to communicate the value of loving a group of people for the long term. The Book of First John teaches that the Christian life is not complex—it’s about loving God and loving people. The challenge is to “abide” or “remain” in this teaching consistently for the long haul. Feel free to use images from 1 John such as “fellowship,” “light and darkness,” “walking,” or “there is no fear in love,” but is not a requirement. The look of the design does not have to be overtly religious (but it can be). Please look at the examples of what we have used in the past.  

 The image should have the title: "Abide." 

 We need three versions of the image: (1) 30 inches wide x 20 inches tall to be displayed from a computer projector onto a wall and then later printed on to wood and hung on a wall, (2) square to be used as album artwork for the podcast, and (3) 3.375 inches wide x 8 inches tall for use on the front of our printed bulletin.

 I have attached some examples of work we have used in the past. Please let me know what questions you have!

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  • The square with centered text to match the leaflet #144
  • and here is the tall one... I made the lettering a little larger and centered it on this one but I can put it back to the left side to match the other two if you would prefer : ) #143
  • Here is the square design : ) #142
  • Client will need to buy stock photo licence #141
  • We are ready to declare this one the winner, but can I see what it looks like in the other two sizes? #9
    • About #9, @BelieversFellowship Yes of course, bear with me and I will get those entered for you. : )

  • Hope you like the intensity of the image, looking forward to your feedback. #138
  • Image credit: Shutterstock #118
  • @BelieversFellowship Hello CH Good day.. please check my entry. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards, #115
  • Waiting for your feedback. Thanks #113
  • Please give feedback. Thanks #110
  • Please give feedback for my design. Thanks #109
  • Thank you for all of your submissions. There is some great work here. I have discussed the designs with my team, and right now we are leaning toward #9 or #90. Both designs are strong. I love the color palette and font of #90 and I love the way #9 communicates "abide." We are also considering #71 for the way it brings the light imagery into it.

    Another direction that I have not seen that might be appealing is something like #9, only with an older married couple's hands instead of the three generations. There is something to longevity that communicates "abide."

    Thanks again for all of your submissions!
    • @BelieversFellowship Here are my submission as you suggested. #106 #107 Thanks!

  • Here are 2 more for you. Thanks! #89 #90
  • @BelieversFellowship Hello CH Good day.. please check my entry. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Llamado #71
  • Of Designer Muslim
    We love you #69
  • I don't really like the concept of this one (the chasm and the bridge), but the font and color scheme are GREAT. #39
    • Thank you so much for the insight. I was going for the concept of walking by faith. Sometimes you don't know how you will make it through, or get to the other side. Jesus is the unseen bridge to get you across when everything looks impossible, but if you trust and abide in him. The bridge will appear. I shall work on another. Thanks About #39, @BelieversFellowship

  • This one has a good look. I like the colors and the sunlight. #30
    • Hi! thank you for your kind feedback, really glad you liked it :) and if you have any suggestions to improve this design to your liking please do let me know.#30,


  • Great message about community. #9
  • I like this one because it tells the story I want the design to tell: the tree in the middle abides. It has survived despite everything else around it dying. #34
  • I am not a huge fan of the silhouettes, with the exception of #2. Some of the designs with sunsets give a sadder look than what I am looking for. Thanks for all of your submissions!