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Winning design #25 by operhal, Graphic Design for Believers Fellowship Church Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

We need a background slide image to be used with an upcoming sermon series on Acts 6–19. The series will be called “Lord of All.”


Chapters 6–19 of Acts highlight the church changing from an almost exclusively Jewish movement to one encompassing all nations and cultures. In our sermon series, we want to highlight that because God is Lord of the whole world, the church does not have to look the same in Africa, Asia, and South America as it does in North America or Europe. Similarly, expressions of faith can look different within the same country and even within the same congregation. 


The point of the series (and the message we want the design to communicate) is “the gospel is for all cultures.”


The design does not necessarily have to use imagery from the Bible, but it can. The design could allude to some of the stories from Acts 6–19, but it could also go in a completely different direction. (I have included previous contest winners for reference.) The design does not have to be overtly religious (but it can be). Any design that communicates “the gospel is for all cultures” could work. 


The image should have the title: "Lord of All." 


We need four versions of the image: (1) 30 inches wide x 20 inches tall to be displayed from a computer projector onto a wall and then later printed on to wood and hung on a wall, (2) square to be used as album artwork for the podcast, (3) 3.375 inches wide x 8 inches tall for use on the front of our printed bulletin, and (4) 851 x 315 pixels for the banner of our Facebook page.


I have attached some examples of work we have used in the past. Please let me know what questions you have! 

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