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Winning design #45 by arietta, Graphic Design for Believers Fellowship Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arietta

Project description

We need a background slide image to be used with an upcoming sermon series on spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. The series will be called “Rhythms,” and topics will include prayer, Bible study, worship, helping others, giving back, and others.   

The point of the series (and the message we want the image to communicate) is that Christianity is a lifestyle with particular spiritual "rhythms." Most people have "rhythms" to their life: they wake up at a certain time, exercise, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, go to work, etc. Maybe they have a favorite television program that they watch on a given time of the week, or a family get-together that happens regularly. In the sermon series, we will be encouraging people to work spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study into the "rhythms" of their everyday life. The spiritual disciplines offer a place where the divine and the every day can intersect. Living according to these rhythms is a path to human flourishing.

The image should have the title: "Rhythms." 

We need three versions of the image: (1) 30 inches wide x 20 inches tall to be displayed from a computer projector onto a wall and then later printed on to wood and hung on a wall, (2) square to be used as album artwork for the podcast, and (3) 3.375 inches wide x 8 inches tall for use on the front of our printed bulletin.

I have attached some examples of work we have used in the past. Please let me know what questions you have!

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  • Kindly rate my designs. #87
  • Kindly rate my design. #85
  • Kindly provide feedback. #84
  • This design is currently my second favorite. The commute image says "rhythms." Plus it's a great image. #69
    • @BelieversFellowship Thank you, let me know what I could do to make it your #1 (;

  • This design is the current front runner. I love the image and the font. The image says "every day rhythms." #45
  • Colorful and simple. Beat of the heart - the tree means family. #80
  • this is a great shot! Can I see it with a thinner font? #69
  • I think I would like this better without the clock. As I mentioned in comments on other pieces, our context is suburban. #64 captures the rhythms of suburbia. #64
    • About #64, @BelieversFellowship
      Dear CH,
      thank you for your feedback and my new edits in design #71 i hope you like it

    • About #64, @BelieversFellowship #73 i hope you like it

  • You can buy this design also if you want by paying as much as you wish. Because i dont want my work to get waste #70
  • I noticed your ratings and if you would like any changes or have any suggestions to see if you like any particular design more, please feel free to let me know!
  • I like this one. Great concept and image. Our context is suburban Seattle, USA. An image in this direction that looked more like our context (less urban especially) would be stronger. #48
    • About #48, @BelieversFellowship I will try to incorporate that into a poster

  • This one is great. I love the shot and I love the kids. #35
  • This is better with just the single row of text. The one thing that might make this one stronger is if the image looked more like our context--suburban Seattle USA. #47
  • Kindly rate my design and provide feedback. #56
  • This poster shows the everyday life of people, how they view the world from their perspective. #48
  • I like the urban image of every day life. I wish the text was not on there so many times as it obscures the image. #29
    • @BelieversFellowship Thanks for the feedback, I think these look much cleaner. #46 #47

  • This is a more colorful approach of a busy city street. Any modifications can be made. Typeface has an additional motion blur to re-emphasize "rhythm". The pops of color I think add a breath of life to the images. Enjoy! #45
  • All sizes available. Any modifications are welcome! I decided to incorporate the idea of a busy street. I added a few pops of color to photo to signify the lights in life, and decided to add some of my own motion blur to emphasize the motion or "rhythm" of life. Enjoy! #44
  • My design contain stock images ( #41
  • My design contain stock images ( #40