Birth Announcement card

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Winning design #42 by sachin, Graphic Design for Birth Announcement card Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sachin

Project description

We would like a folded birth announcement card that which has an illustration on the outside of the card with a situation that continues to the inside of the card. Personally we would like something with the famous Stork that is flying to 'deliver' the little boy on the outside of the card and on the inside we would really like an illustration of the little baby boy standing with his back towards the reader looking at a distant horizon or something of that sort with the Stork standing next to him looking over him (the boy could be holding the Stork's wing or something..up to designer's discretion). important notes: - there should be something to illustrate russia meeting holland like working the flags in somewhere in the card's design (they look a lot alike, maybe a ribbon like thing of the two flags that is connected in a knot or something) - we would really like the illustration to give the warm feeling that a birth announcement should give, without becoming to detailed and classic(old fashioned) - if you have any ideas on making it more personal, really 'our' card for 'our' child just ask me anything you need.. :) and..thanx so much for helping us making the perfect birth announcement card..

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