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Winning design #75 by AhmedRashad, Graphic Design for Black Belt Certificate Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AhmedRashad

Project description

Poster 12" X 18" that shows the perseverance, courage required to reach black belt. Our tag line is "Life, Art, Peace" and we are a school that performs a great deal of community service. Our school also is known for our character education we do with all of our students. No Dragons or other blatant "asian" symbols that tries to hard to be typical martial arts. Feel free to look at our website to get a feel for our way of doing things, It must have a place that says, "On Saturday, March -- 2012 ____________tested for and was awarded the rank of ________by Master Instructor Joseph Van Deuren, Balanced Life Skills Martial Arts I can supply our school logo as it may be a small part of the certificate. Our goal is to have a piece of art work for each student that serves as each individuals certificate and reminder of their hard work and dedication to being their best in life, developing their art and living and promoting a life of peace.

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  • These are two example certificates that are art in addition to being a certificate. I am hoping to see symbolism without trying to hard. Outside the box / without screaming asian / martial / - yet thought provoking,
  • Backgrounds are not allowed. Please, read our guidelines:
  • backgrounds are not allowed Please, read our guidelines:
  • About #19 Dear, Contest Holder, Martial art resembles a tree with many branches. Imagine a tree with deep roots that provides the fruits of knowledge, patience and a natural harmony. It takes many years to harvest a fruit from a tree; you’d have to plant it, water it, fertilize it, treat it with disinfectants, prune it, and finally enjoy the work of your efforts. As a Judo referee, I envisioned the ideals and practice of martial arts as; one that takes years to grow and takes years to develop in body as well as spirit. I am also working on several other concepts that touches your key points. Kind regards Elvis,
  • For everyone looking at this - think of it as a piece of art - speaks to life (courage, perseverance, indomitable spirit, courtesy, integrity, self control. Think of putting forth great effort over a long period of time with total focus to reach a high state of physical health, spiritual awareness, emotional strength. What does that look like to you? Whatever that picture is that is what I would like to see on this certificate. The words life art peace - not as key as the image of life art peace and the qualities mentioned above. I hope that helps everyone looking at this. I am excited to see how you interpret this concept.
  • more art needed and not just clip art
  • interesting / just help me understand what you are depicting
  • too much like a certificate
  • too much like a certificate / need more art
  • too much like a certificate
  • too much like a certificate
  • too much like a normal certifate
  • I love the idea of a graphic - just it doesn't depict strength and peace
  • interesting, I like the simplicity, though I am not sure what it symbolizes.
  • too much like a certificate
  • more art to show the qualities of a black belt
  • can you explain the idea. I am drawn to this to a certain degree and am interested in hearing how you were thinking as you came up with the idea.
  • not enough art / we do not need look of martial artist
  • not enough art work /
  • it is an "Eagle" .. it shows strength and peace .