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Winning design #17 by kristijp, Graphic Design for Black Panther Company Mascot Design Contest
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designed by kristijp

Project description

We are looking for a black panther company mascot for our ISP company, hosting, colocation. You must be able to design a quality black panther illustration that we can use on our website, print material, shirts, banners and more. We will start with this contest and have you design us our very own black panther graphic. From there if we select you as the artist, you will be chosen as our mascot designer which will be an ongoing design job with consistent needs for different poses for our new mascot. For this contest design, please create our mascot in a standard 4 paws on the ground pouncing position with a growling face. Also see attached for an example of a black panther design, as well as our company logo. Bonus if you add our company logo somewhere to your design to show us how it will look on our website/print/t-shirts etc... Like I said we will use our new mascot on many things. So you will need to be able to design our mascot in hundreds of positions. I am looking forward to seeing many black panther designs. We want our Panther to be our official company mascot. So please think about that while you're busy designing our new mascot character.

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  • Hello Bobby, please have a look at #3 needs a little more work, however just wanting to know that I am on the right track, I can make it slightly more black if you wish. Is the small amount of color OK? or would you prefer it was black and white only? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Ross.
  • Hello, please have a look at #1. I have uploaded this only to show you positioning. If this is the pose you are looking for I will then go and put in some detail ie panther spots, slight highlights and of course the mouth and eyes. Look forward to your reply. Thanks
    • Yes that sort of pose works. We want to see how good of a designer you are with this contest. Once we select our winner we will pay for additional poses and stances.

  • Hello I cant see any attachments Please upload the attachments as you mentioned in the brief
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      SAMDesign {*wrote*}:
      Hello I cant see any attachments Please upload the attachments as you mentioned in the brief
      |--| Sorry about that, I have reuploaded.

  • So are you only looking for vector art or would I be able to submit something done in photoshop
  • I submitted design #6 . I know you were looking for something a little different but I had designed something similar to this design before and thought I would submit it with some adjustments in case you decide you like this more.
  • I like the face on your panther, and thanks for showing it on black and white backgrounds. Can I assume you can create this panther in practically any pose that we request?
    • Thank you, I tried to keep a balance between simplicity and detail with a recognizable "style" that could be applied to many different poses while maintaining brand recognition. I can certainly recreate this panther into whichever poses necessary. -Kristi

    • I have submitted #31 (another pose) so you may see how this design would translate through different positioning of the panther, as well as #32 which is just a mock up to help you envision the use of the panther on branding items.

  • #14 is my first draft design; I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • Great job, but far too much detail for a website hosting company mascot. May go back and create something a bit more cartoon mascot like.
  • I sort of like this animated panther, it may be a bit too cartoon like, almost looks like a High School mascot and not a website hosting company mascot.
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