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The contest winner went above and beyond my expectations at providing many revisions and getting the design as perfect as could be. I am very pleased as well with your company DesignContest as I needed help and your team went out of their way to advertise the contest. Thank you guys so much, I will be back with more contests and I am telling everyone to check you guys out. Thanks again!

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Winning design #7 by GoldenZ, Graphic Design for Blank Single Page Ad Template Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GoldenZ

Project description

I am looking for a blank one single page ad template to sell websites.

I would like to transfer the wording and links from my old ad as seen below, to a new more creative, playful professional ad.

Previous Ad:

I love a creative background

I enjoy playful colors

I enjoy creative tables

My taste is playful professional as in business casual.

I love creative art and creative collages.

Most of all I want a better ad than our old ad.

Previous Ad:

*Layered PSD File or Coding is Required*

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  • I have edited the description in the brief of what exactly we are looking for in an ad template, so that we can keep designers on the right direction.
  • Trward321 that looks really good but it is not an ad template to sell websites. We are trying to sell websites and as seen from our previous ad example we are just looking for something better and more creative. I am not sure if I made the brief clear enough but I will try to make it clear that I am looking for an Ad template to sell websites like our previous ad.
  • Dear JAF - Should you chose my design, the cartoon can be perfected. This is a "rough sketch" of the cartoons I create.
  • Attention designers! coding is not required for this project, psd layered files is what the required files will be for this project.
  • GoldenZ, We love the use of space, the wrap around blue ribbon is pretty creative. The four images starting with the small thumbs up hand and the background color fits it beautifully. We feel it could be spiced up more with some color as there seems to be too much white and we would like to see some other colors other than white. The table with the ribbon around it with the title “Website” maybe would look better with a different color and also the table should contain all of the contents as the table presented seems to stop and the website screenshot is out of the table. There is no need for the website screenshot to be faded in any way. We feel as if the FAQ section should have a look that sets out from the ad or maybe each table could have its own uniqueness. This is a great attempt, we would love to see more color, more creativity with the background, tables, wrap around ribbon and the tabs at the top of the template as well as table uniqueness from the FAQ section, the detail section, and the introduction section. We also would like to see a small creative table for where the copyright would go at the very bottom of the template.
  • GoldenZ, We actually love the structure of our previous ad but we are looking for a completely new design, anything better really. You can restructure our previous ad layout that is completely fine just as long as the ad design isnt the same. We like your ideas and we would love to see what creative template you can come up with. If you can just make a more creative and better design than our previous ad then wonderful!
  • Thanks SharperJAFs for your feedback, I Made this layout based on the previews one, and enhance it a little, I believe you want something looks new than your previews one right? Am I allowed to re-structure your ads layout a bit? make more organized and less scroll-able? I have that idea on my mind to make it as tabs frame like Yahoo news bar, each website has his own windows Tabbed frame, that includes Features, Screenshot, benefits etc.. Also I recommend not show a full image sized as seen on website screenshot (less scroll), So you can go with Thumbnail image (click here to enlarge) for instance. Let me know if you like these ideas so i can create you a brand new concept based on that. Kindly Advise, Thanks.
  • We appreciate your entry GoldenZ. You are on the right track, but we feel as though the design you have presented doesn’t stand out as it looks dull and lifeless. It needs to be spiced up it is looking too simple and plain and not very creative. The template is also missing the FAQ section. We do not consider this design better than our previous ad. We are looking for an upgrade and this is not an upgrade.
  • We appreciate your entry GoldenZ.
  • GoldenZ, We have examined all three of your presentations and it seems as though all of them have something great that the other does not and we will try to explain this in detail. We notice you are using red and blue colors and we believe you are trying to match the logo colors, but please note that this logo was thrown together and the colors of the logo will more than likely be changed so with your design please act as though the logo has no color. Your first design which was entry #2 was very plain but we noticed that it had a shadow behind the table giving it a 3D look which we really would like to see again. Your second design which was entry #3 has a wonderful introduction section we love how you made the link tabs look as though they were folders. After some hard looking at the two different tab designs between entry #3 and #4 we actually find the tab design of entry #3 to be more creative and we would like to see if you can give it more of a creative folder appeal You could divide the tabs up by placing columns between them giving it more of a folder design. We would like to visibly see the link text very clear as we believe you used a grayish color with the link text tabs, but we feel the links should be very clear to see with a white text. The red tabs do a great job at catching the eye but we are just not completely sure about the color and the red does take away from the folder type of design look. The red is great and we might actually come back to it but we would like to see other color options that would fit the look of a creative folder design. We would also like to comment that we actually prefer the #3 design top section including the four images beginning with the thumbs up as we prefer this background color to match these images. The #4 revision of these four images background color is lighter and we actually prefer the darker background color in entry #3 Referring to entry #3 between the Why choose us? And then the established stock trading text it looks like something is missing like maybe a column or something to divide the two parts? As for the bluish background we don’t like how the background color and the table color are the same as they blend into each other and we want to keep the background just that the background and have the tables kicking out from the background. We would like to see other possible colors for the background or even a background image of cartoonish clouds? Trees? Anything that is creative we would admire. We know this is a lot to read but we really appreciate your work and you are on the right track. Thank you
  • Greeting SharperJafs, here is some revisions i made, let me know if i'm still working on right track! Thanks.
  • This design is completely stunning you have truly shown your talent with this design. It is very creative. You have made it actually hard for us to find many flaws. There are only a few minor things that we notice that could use a tune up and we will list them below. The background is beautiful we love the clouds but we notice they aren’t very random and are the same in size and shape. Could you create a more random pattern of clouds with different shapes and sizes? We love what you did with the “Why choose us?” section all that we notice that needs to be tweaked a little is the text as it seems as if it should be darker and more visible than it is but not too dark as we love the fade, so just a touch up on the font darkness here would be great. The tabs are wonderful you did an outstanding job the only thing we see here is that the “FEEDBACKUS” tab should be changed to “FEEDBACK” Other than that it really looks as though you have nailed this design and you have really done an outstanding job.
  • Kindly let me know if these updates are the one you asked :)
  • Hello SharperJAFs, Appreciate so much the time you spend it to provide this professional revision, It helps a lot to get the final output so quicky that you totally agreed and satisfied. I will do all the new revisions based on your comment. Again, thank you so much for spending time to review this. Best regards. -Amr
  • Can we think Space? Different than cloud concept for the background. I felt like to show you something else. Let me know how u feel about this one. Regards, -Amr
  • I will give it another try for the cloud, Standby...
  • The font looks much better and everything looks great but the background image doesn’t look like clouds really it looks more like cotton and we actually like the entry #5 clouds as they are obvious clouds. If we cannot come up with a random cloud looking background then we can always revert to entry #4 background, as it at least is obvious that it is clouds. But if you can do a better background than entry #4 then we would love to see it, other than that the ad is a very outstanding piece of art.
  • Updates: - More random different Cloud shapes and size. - Header more darker and the font gave it a bit dark color - Fixed "Feedback" typo
  • Greeting SharperJAFs, I have uploaded the source file, kindly confirm that you can open it and everything is okay. Best Regards, -Amr
  • Appreciate it so much :) Glad that you like it. I will be uploading the PSD right away. Thanks again :)