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Project description


The project is for a large interior mural for a new burger bar restaurant in Montreal. 

Main Points: 

-Large piece that will stand out in the interior design, meant to complement our overall design
-Restaurant: mostly rustic wood, brick, large glass mirrors, granite bar top, black metal chandeliers, metal frames (open concept kitchen)
-Menu: comfort food emphasis on quality, fresh and homemade
-Day and night crowd (i.e. full bar) 
-Our menu terms are on play on religious adjectives because food is godly and we are so devoted to it 
-We have a neighbourhood vibe, but with a high investment want to maintain an edge and be unique 

Specifics Points: 

-Interior use
-Dimensions: 148.5" by 174" (inches)
-Printed as a wallpaper so in 'vector' format
-Needs to include the logo and/or slogan
-Colours: black, white, red (shade-meaning: Cyan: 18, Magenta: 100, Yellow : 96, Black: 8)
-The background will most likely be dark/black
-Document attached on words and images that can be used (in french primarily to due language laws)
-Not too much colour due to rest of interior design
-Trendy and edgy but not cliche
-It can be a large one piece built around the logo or a compilation of small graphics, but the logo does need to be included
-I do like comic/graffiti/pop art/neon look to a certain extent as in that style but not full force because it wouldn't match OR sophisticated and minimal but with a unique take 
-Its a trendy restaurant but playful, which we want to come across

-Please ask questions if needed, I realize the description is rather broad and if interested, I also have more content available, such as our menu, uniform designs, and interior images. 
-I have attached two logos, let me know if you need a different format 

We are looking to complete our concept, let your creativity speak!

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  • Hi CH! Submitting my design. Hope you like it! Cheers! #10
    • @kentarce Thank you for both of your submissions! I like how you integrated the theme, I will definitely add it to my list of considerations.

    • @sarahabediwallace thank you! Hoping for a positive outcome!

  • Hi, hope you like it, i think a gray and white desing would fit perfectly with you decoration, its trendy, kinda hip and its completely hand made. A holy burguer is your logo, so how about having a realistic version of it on your wall? #2
    • @orozko_2391 Thank you for your submission! Its very creative, I will definitely review it.

  • Hi CH! Submitting my design. Hope you like it! Cheers! #9
  • Hi Sarah, can you post a photo of the wall which is intended for the mural ? if you could also post some references on design types that you like or find suitable this would be great.
    Best regards
    • @DiogoCabral7 I will look for a photo to post. Part of the problem is that I couldn't find design types, I like newspaper/billboard/poster/collage/graffiti/pop art looks if that helps.

  • u mention is the dimensions: 148.5" by 174" (inches) i am wonder if its Horizontal or Vertical coz i saw the first entry is doing it (H) , please send us the logo as a vector too would be great (AI,PDF, EPS ), thank u
  • Very rough draft, what is your slogan I would like to put it underneath the logo. I included the text in the background. The green represents lettuce and is the montreal skyline, the moon and stars yellow for cheese, the sun is a tomato, I tried to keep it simplistic and classy. Willing to change and make adjustments as needed. #1
    • @jamesfwier I appreciate the submission but this is not the kind of design we're looking for. Its too playful.