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Winning design #3 by symoga, Graphic Design for Capital West Insurance Contest
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designed by symoga

Project description

We are going to mail out an 8.5x11 booklet to Paradise Valley Arizona (and  few surrounding areas).  We will be marketing High Value home insurance.  We will be featuring one of our carriers- Chubb Insurance.  The first four attachments are from Chubb- containing the information we are trying to showcase.  The 5th attachment is a booklet (scanned in) that a local realtor sends out to Paradise valley monthly - this has the look and feel of what we are trying to accomplish. the booklet is two pieces of 11x17 paper folded in half to make a booklet

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  • and can you provide us with informations for this booklet?
  • Hi, contest Holder
    can you extend the day ? want to participate.

    Thank you
  • Hi there, DOne! ready for printing, high quality booklet, i worked so hard for this. I hope you like it! Thanks! :) #3
  • better if make this a blind contest :) , i have no problem with the amount of prize. I want to give you and your company the best booklet i can make. :)
  • 1st page, i will continue doing the rest if you'll liked it . Thanks! :) #2
  • Hello Contest holder!

    Although this is a very low sum for what you are asking (my rates are usually around $75 per page USD required for full design and production) I wanted to give it a shot as I think it could be a really nice mailer. #1
  • galnextdoor is correct. the finished product will be printed on two sheets of 11x17 paper - which will be folded in half into a booklet.

    Cover page - nice image with heading (similar to karasbook)
    Inside cover - leave open for a 'letter from capital west'
    the rest of the pages can be used for all of the content from the attached files
  • @ganifza - just to be helpful, what I am reading is that the client would like an 8 page publication, finished size 8.5x 11 as per the example above called karasbooklet. The 4 files contain the information they want showcased. This is my understanding anyway. galnextdoor
  • Can you please clearly about what are all the information i need to insert in 8.5*11 design? An also please confirm whether its a one page design?