Chocolate box & label graphic design for very high-end product line!

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Winning design #47 by margus, Graphic Design for Chocolate box & label graphic design for very high-end product line! Contest
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designed by margus

Project description

We are looking for 1 new graphic design to be printed on our wholesale chocolate box, including 9 label templates (one for each type of chocolate) in order to differentiate the content in the box.
Our chocolates and glazes are of very high end and premium quality and we would like for the box graphic design to reflect that.

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  • Hello CH, I've got a question, the measurements provided in the box layout are in centimeters or inches? Thanks!
  • I tried again with #8. I added different pictures of the chocolates and left two large spaces for the Labels. I thought maybe the variations of the chocolates would help on the simplicity issue?
  • Hi, I love the concept, the colors and the font. However, since the box will be used for different types of chocolates (produced and packed at different times - not mixed in the box) the product information (name, item # and percentage) must be on the label. This way, the manufacturer can just change the label whenever the box will be filled with a different type of chocolate. Could you make the label a part of your design? Also, could you replace the "couverture text" that you have right now with the text that I uploaded under the name: COUVERTURE - Text & Table? I would also like to have the AUI logo on all four sides of the box, so that chefs can see it no matter how they store the box. It's ok to make it smaller, if you need to make it fit into your design.
  • In #7 I moved some things around and added some more detail to it. I put in two different types of chocolates to show how they'd look on the box, being they're so different.
  • Here I like to color and the radiant, but again, the overall design is a little too simple.
  • Hi mseelye1, Again, a little too simple. Also, as mentioned in a previous feedback, we would rather see something more generic, as we will use the same box for different types of chocolates.
  • Hi mseely1, As mentioned in another feedback, we are looking for a very upscale looking design. This one is a little too simple.
  • Hi Highrise, It's in inches. Sorry about that.
  • Hey. Have just started working on a design. Just wanted to make sure if the measurements on the attached layout file are in inches or mm?
  • I changed the color in #3 and added in some examples of the chocolate.
  • Thank you. This isn't quite what we are looking for. We are interested in something more upscale looking. Please keep in mind that our customers are mostly 5-star properties (not retail stores) and the chefs using our product are extremly talented and highly regarded in the industry (we are talking Rolls Royce!). Also your proposal might suggest to some customers that there are pralines in the box, which is not the case. The chocolate comes in coins and small tablets. We also will use the same box for different types of chocolate (white, milk, dark,glazes, etc.), so the design should be a little more generic. Check out for more product info.
  • the chocolates can be rearranged and the finish design can be manipulated to fit your size specs. Thanks! Nick R.
  • Dear CH, Okay so i am uploading better version of #17 and #31. Its #37! Thank you
  • Dear contest holder, when making this entry I wanted to do something clever, simple and classy. The shape of the mountains relates to the company name, and what is a reflection of the mountains on the water is also melting chocolate for the chocolate labels. The colours on the label can be changed to reflect each type of chocolate.
  • Dear CH, About #35, To differentiate between couverture and glaze product, The information will be given on the gold banner below the Des Alpes Chocolate logo. The name of the product will be differentiate by the colour of the name itself. For example the orginial colour of Garnet is red, then the font color also red, will be applied to other products name. Thank you!
  • Included the required chart and text... also included a darker design for you viewing pleasure... I was thinking the labels would be placed under the 'DesAlpes' logo... also, for label design, are you limited to square/rectangular designs, or can you do circular or free form?
  • #32 elegant black box with gold details (embossed logo), and initial letter as a vignette in separate (UV)lacquer. different names in different colours (opal-silver, ruby-ruby red, topaz-green, garnet dark red, amber-orange...
  • Dear CH, This is my second entry #31. Also ill make some more new designs with this look. Thank you
  • Dear CH, Here is the label artwork without the box for review. #29 The artwork can be updated for your companies different kinds of chocolates and glazes by changing the color scheme or font, even both. Thanks again! :-)
  • Hello again CH, For #28, I included the additional information you provided (Symbols, Tempering - Tables, COUVERTURE - Text & Table, Item number and Percentage, and the statement "KEEP COOL AND DRY - STORE AWAY FROM HEAT - AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT) I also included the words "Premium Swiss Chocolate" under the type of chocolate, and a possible place for "Ingredients" and "Barcode image" for reference. Any thoughts on placement of the items you provided and where the legal items, like barcode, need to be placed. I may need to tweak some of the box artwork to fit around where legal items need to be placed for accuracy. Thanks! :-)