Coat of Arms

Thanks to all the designers for their hard work, and especially Kristina, the winner of our contest. We are extremely happy with our design.

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Winning design #61 by Kristina2912, Graphic Design for Coat of Arms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kristina2912

Project description

We would like to update the look of our family coat of arms.  I have attached the coat of arms we have at present and would really like to improve on it, modernize it, basically, just make it look much better!  You do NOT need to add the family name, we just want the graphic, and in vector format, please.

We are up for any design styles, as long as it's something a little bit cool!  Open to all ideas.

The coat of arms must include:
A two-tailed lion.
The flowers 'forget-me-nots'
Bull horn.

I need to check on the colours, but for now, go with the blue/red/silver... this could change, I will let you know if it does.  

I look forward to working with you all, please don't hesitate to ask questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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  • please let me know if you want a design change. I hope you like it, thank you #74
  • hopefully it fits your expectations #73
  • Hello. I apologize for the late submission. I brewed some joe, and pulled an all niter :)

    Thank you. #64 #65 #66
  • My 6th version of Coat of Arms.
    #63 #63
  • My 5th version of Coat of Arms. #62
  • I made changes and uploaded the design, please check. If other changes are needed, please let me know. Sincerely, Kristina. Thanks. #61
  • Hi Kristina, could you pls do an intermediate version re the curving of the shield between #48 and #49; meaning not as curved as #48 and not as straight as #49. #48
    • @amayrhofer Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, of course I will make these changes and upload the design for viewing. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • this is your design sir...i think you like it.

    thank you #58
  • I tried to stay as true to the original as I could, with a few minor changes. I made the bull horn stand up a little higher than the original because the ends were a little obstructed and it is important to see them. I also balanced the fiigrees on each side. I also added a cross bar behind the helmet. It gives the filigree a place to come from and helps to transition from the upper portion of the CoA to the lower portion. Thanks #57
  • modern and clean rebranding logo...please give your feedback if you want change #56
  • I downloaded the redesigned designs, please check and let me know if any other changes are needed. Sincerely, Kristina. Thanks. #48
  • Hi Kristina,

    could you pls distribute the lions and the hearts on the shield like in the original and pls try also to get the ornaments at the side a bit more similar to the original. #28
    • @amayrhofer Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Of course I will make changes to this and another design and upload them for viewing. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • Could you pls try to change the flowers in this draft to the forget-me-nots? And pls bend the horns on top a bit more. #9
  • Hello,

    This is my 4th illustration, please take a look and let me know if any changes need to be made. Thanks. #44
  • @amayrhofer,
    uploading also another remade version of Coat of Arms (#38)
    Thx #38
  • @amayrhofer uploading modified version of Coat of Arms after your remarks. ( Lion at the top added; horns at the top added; stems added; ornaments at the side also added)
    Thx #37
  • Hello,

    This is my first illustration. If you have any suggestions for changes, please feel free to inform me.

    Thanks. #36
  • Hi! I downloaded the revised design, please check and let me know what you think? Sincerely, Kristina. Thanks. #28
  • I actually like the shiel and the lions but the rest is a bit boring re minimalistic. Pls give it a second try. #5
    • @amayrhofer im not sure if you have seen remade versions (#14 - last version after your corrections), coz it was eliminated for some reasons. (#5 is one of first designs made at the start)

  • Hi Kristina, could you try to more or less rebuild the original with your current elements in order to have a comparison? Re the flowers: They should be forget-me-nots so the petals should look slightly different then the ones you use currently. #9
    • @amayrhofer Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I will work on the changes and upload the design for viewing. Sincerely, Kristina.