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Winning design #276 by val, Graphic Design for Community Contest for Valentine's Card Design Contest
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designed by val

Project description

Valentine’s Day is coming up. So we are asking our lovely designer’s to come up with their best designs for the front cover of a Valentine’s Day card. So go wild with your designs! Make them as original as you can and enjoy yourselves. Prize money will be: Gold - $300 Silver - $150 Bronze $50 Good luck!

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  • Oh it's a community contest sponsored by Designcontest for the coming Valentines. Must join! Must join! Here's what I can share, hope you like it! Happy hearts day, in advance! Jctoledo
  • About #56 When I created this simple but effective design, I kept in mind that love isn't always happy and joyful, but at a lot of moments its hard. That's why I added the blue heart and inside it the red heart as a die cut, which represent hope. Love is a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs, but it is definitely colorful.
  • about #44 it is actually a rivisitation on the "Rifleman's Creed" i feel it is romantic and ironic at the same time, and that it could easely appeal even to the people that "hate" valentines day
  • HI, glad you like it. But it's not supposed to be a baby :-)... #42 is a boy and #43 is a girl... i shall make some adjustments so they look more "mature"
  • Very poetic. Did you come up with this yourself?
  • I like the concept but think the design needs a lot of work. Including the typography, the layout and the design of the hearts. Needs to look more sophisticated.
  • I like the world as a heart but I don't like the background. Think it needs more concept in the design.
  • I'm glad you like it :) I'll add some more cartoony designs tonight!
  • Think this is a bit too neon and the design is a bit dated.
  • Lovely idea but the background is not working....more sophistication, work on the typography and maybe can do something interesting with the heart and the "corner" that in the way it is designed then you wouldn't need the arrow.
  • I love this but a bit confused why it is a baby.
  • Think this concept could be developd by making it neater. For instance, the illustration lines overlap each other right now. Also, might be worth experimenting with typography.
  • Think this is a great concept but one that needs a lot of development. Perhaps giving the sun more character so that it looks blazing and alive. Also think you could experiment with some different typography.
  • Think you could really develop this into something great. Your cartoons are ace. Have you thought about shrinking them down a bit and giving a background so that they have a bit of context?
  • This is great. Can imagine it in a shop. Think the writing should not come off the page and you could experiment with your typography.
  • This is really fun but the colors let it down. Maybe need to develop with a more Valentine focused color palette. Love it though.
  • This is a really good first attempt but I think it is too simple and lacks concept.
  • Hi, I have tried to portray Cupid and psyche theme over here in my design. Thanks Katrina
  • HI designers. We will rate designs later on in the contest. For now, we want everyone to go wild! Winning designs will be cards that look like they'd be the best thing you'd find and buy in a card shop.
  • Great Design! I love the use of the ellipses within the hearts! There's a lot of great designers already!