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Winning design #6 by bowman, Graphic Design for Cool IT company needs 'What We Stand For' Graphic(s) Contest
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designed by bowman

Project description

There are four core values at the heart of the company culture. We wish to convey these values graphically.

1. We will never let a customer or colleague down.
2. We empower each other and try to make a difference in other people’s lives.
3. We value integrity and honesty and truly partner with our customers.
4. We are passionate about what we do and provide products and services of the highest quality!

The purpose of the project is to celebrate/recognize the integrity, passion and skill of our people as the driving force of our company; to instill pride; and to encourage continued commitment to these values.

We want to be sincere - but we also want the design to be smart and clever, with a strong visual design and/or a cool-fun factor that would appeal to a highly skilled, technical audience that is predominantly male. No hearts and flowers, please. No standard inspirational poster concepts, please.

Consider bold and unusual use of type or unexpected metaphor images. Go beyond the ordinary. Push the envelope. (see examples at

You do not need to use the company logo. If you do use the logo, you do not have to use the tagline. Internally we sometimes us the abbreviation S-24 to talk about ourselves and we sometimes the S-24 'team' logo which is also attached.

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  • Hello. Can you upload the company logo so we will have some more directions about the concept and style of the design. Thank you.
  • This is the design I created after reading your brief. The eagle represents pride, strength, and longevity (not to mention it is the U.S. Emblem), and the color blue is universally appealing.
  • Here is my interpretation of the very demanding projection of your IT company as instructed on the brief. There is no wilder, more clever or dominant than a lion in the animal kingdom.
  • Gen
    I took the 'super hero' hint a bit serious.. (see #17) If you like this concept it could be enhanced and/or modified to match your expectations.. maybe some typography, background or a couple more characters...
  • I went about a different path this time and I hope it's more what your looking for. Thanks for the constructive criticism, it helped a lot!
  • Here's a more developed version of #7 with an additional example. Thanks!
  • Dear CH - Is it possible for you to send a copy of your logo for use in this contest?
  • Dear CH - Design #8 and #9 show two examples of how with simple bold color each of your four core values can be represented individually. The other two values would be represented individually with green and yellow respectively. Each one of the core values also lists the other three core values so that all core values are always present. Thank you - Liberal Palette
  • Here's a new approach based somewhat on #6. I know using photos is a valid concern due to resolution limits, but I'm using it as a texture, so if the image breaks apart at a large scale, it really doesn't take away from the design (it actually gives it a grainy quality which is kind of cool). Let me know if this is a direction you are interested in and I will be happy to provide more samples. Thanks!
  • Looking for something a little more modern. This feel more like a rock band image. I don't think it really conveys the values or looks like it The company name is not "Cool IT". Cool and IT is the type of company - innovative, technology leaders, etc.
  • Kind of interesting. The lion alone isn't enough. The company name is not "Cool IT. Instead of saying Cool and IT - can you convey the value statements in a way that make you think "cool and IT?
  • This is very clean and corporate and put emphasis on the message. I would be very interested in seeign if yu coudl push the design envelope a little for something a little more dramatic, a little more unexpected.
  • Thanks but I think this design direction feels dated and not modern. It is too busy and dark, and it doesn't convey the value messages.
  • Same issue. Too literal. The visual doesn't convey the value messages.
  • Sorry. This looks like a logo - but the company name is not "Cool II" and I don' think this conveys any of the value messaging.
  • Nice direction. Clean graphics.
  • Artwork has been uploaded. Four posters with an EPS, AI, and JPEG of each. Thanks again!
  • Excellent! Thanks! For the other two "posters", I'll plan on going with green and orange, unless there are particular colors you'd prefer.