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Winning design #9 by HappyGD, Graphic Design for Corporate Identity Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HappyGD

Project description

Dear Design contestors! About us: We are a newly founded company, which provide technical support for the elderly people in our community and we really need your help. We need you to help us get the perfect company identity, which will strengthen our image but also catch the attention of our target group. What we need: We need you to make us a company profile, which has the following components. Poster template (A3) Flyer template (1/3 of an A4(landscape)) Business card Letter paper (A4) Overall thoughts: The most important thing is that the design you choose has to be thorough. You need to take into consideration that our target group is aged 65 years old+. Therefore the design has to be quite simple and elegant. Any font has to be easily readable and quite big. About the design we have thought about a design inspired by 1950s especially the commercials with a character maybe holding a laptop (see added documents). The color scheme we imagine would be in black/white maybe with a simple color like fainted/light blue/green. Another feature, which has to be incorporated in all the items, is our logo, which has been added to this post. We hope that you can help us to reach our goal of helping the elderly people. Best regards Ældre IT

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  • Thank you for the feedback, I will upload the changes tomorrow. The first letter of the text is too big in the flyer, too?
  • Thank you so much for your contributions! I really like your #2 design. It really catches the 1950-style. I know the description is confusing, but what we meant is that the flyer should be in 1/3 A4, if the A4 is in landscape. So the flyer should actually be in portrait. Some other commments: - It could be nice if the lady was a little bit more dominant (bigger) - The first letter of the text is a little too dominant. Thanks again!
  • Okay, will do it. Could you put me to level2 please? because I can't upload more stuff
  • It is a bit better, but I still think the first letter is too big on the poster and on the flyer. I am not sure what I can use the new addition on the poster for, so just delete that. It would be nice if you could put the character in the top left corner of the business card instead of the circle. Also if you put the character on the letter paper somewhere. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you for your contribution! I really like your design and how it looks antique. A little comment: it would be nice if the character could be more like a housewife. Thanks again!
  • Thanks for your contribution. I think the girls are too young and doesn't look a lot like 1950-style. I don't think the design will appeal to our customers and the it is not very thorough. Maybe you could do a new design in black and white with new characters?
  • Thank you so much for your contribution. That's really 1950-style! Could you try making a more black/white friendly example and put a little contact info in the buttom of the letter paper? Maybe you could also try using a one coloured background and style like some of the other entries. I love the character and the different text boxes!
  • Yes I have, thanks. I will soon upload the new things.
  • Hello kristian, I was just curious if you had any feedback with regards to my submitted entry #5 . Any changes or alterations you have in mind?
  • Hi schbal Do you have access now?
  • Hello, For #11 I've made a slight alteration on the business card; the text box is longer in order to incorporate potentially longer names. I have a question if it's alright for me to ask. For the winning entry, what format would you like the files to be sent as? Thanks.
  • It's a bit better. I think the character has too much sex appeal and our logo is missing on the poster.
  • Hello kristian, thank you for your compliments! I've always liked 1950s/atomic age style advertisements and designs, so this project has been a lot of fun to complete. As seen in #9 , changes made are: — a more subtle background; one colour, and easier for printing / more black & white print friendly. — added contact info on bottom of letter paper. — letter now only has background showing in the header, which makes reading the text much easier to do. Thanks again
  • Hi GD, thanks for your suggestions. We have decided to go for nr. 9 and adobe files would be perfect. However we have a little question - if you could come up with an idea for the backside of the flyer. It will have to include little text and some sort circle/star -shape where our prices are shown. Thanks again!
  • Also one more thing. #9 was chosen, but I recommend using the business card layout seen in #11 because the text box can accommodate longer names. Let me know what you think, it's up to you.
  • Hello again and thank-you for selecting my design; I'm really glad you like it! I wasn't able to respond back to your question until now. The type of file I send to you depends on what software you have? Everything I made was completed in Photoshop, but if you do not own any Adobe software, we can try to come up with something that will allow you to make changes (English to Danish wording, for example). Thank-you once again!
  • Very nice work HappyGD! I'm not sure about the format. We need to change the text to another language of course. What do you think would be the best?