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Winning design #29 by rajagee, Graphic Design for Corporate Identity Package Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajagee

Project description

• Business Card design • 2 page product brochure template • 4 page product brochure template • Letterhead template • Folder design • Cover for spiral ring bound-books • Case study template Required is a package of materials with a consistent look and feel across all the pieces. Should be designed around existing logo with technology/software company in mind. We would like the brand image to come off as innovative, forward thinking- yet still clean, simple, and mature. Please first submit concept idea of what you think our brand image should look like and if we like the idea we will ask you to move forward with designs. Winning designer will provide source files for all designs.

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  • Dear CH, please check my letterhead & visiting card designs, also please upload brochures details appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hi rajagee, we would like to move forward with some of your designs. For the business card we like #5 (but with the back of the business card from #3). The letterhead template from #3 is great. And the bottom half of the folder design from #4 is good- on the top half of that we would like to see a different graphic treatment. I am uploading a document with some of our 'official' colors- going forward we can use the blue in this document in the designs. The cover for the ringbound book can be the same as the folder cover, but we would like to see some sort of graphic element in the middle of the page where a title could be placed. Thank you for your work so far!

    • Thank you so much appreciated feedback & liking my designs,i upload all changes soon Thanks again

  • Hello CH, About #6 I have this specific designs for a company specializing in software. For now I have done the map, sheet letterhead and business cards, each with a personality of its own design, but with common threads. I wanted to do something original, yet professional. I hope you like and that we continue to work for the benefit of all. :-) . Best regards!
  • Hello CH, About #9, #10 Although we did not find any feedback with reference to the the first entry, I started work for other corporate items: 2 and 4 page product brochure templates, cover for spiral ring bound-books,case study template. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything and tell me your opinion pertinent. Thank you!
  • Dear Sir, Thanks for information. i tried to make the different graphic but in my opinion it is batter to keep the front simple white whether the back of the folder seems to be batter in blue i think this is good theme. i followed the same theme as your design, i also put the original information about name address etc. again thanks for appreciated feedback
    • rajagee, thank you for the adjustments. The updated folder with the all blue back is a nice touch. The front looks ok, but we are still curious about having some sort of graphic element on the front of the folder in addition to what you have here. Any ideas or options in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks you so much sir, i am working on it i hope i have make the different front of folder design. sir any idea or simple "graphic element" folder you like please share me just idea thanks

    • Dear CH,please check 2 option folder front & back different variation.

    • Rajagee, #23 is right on track. We agree now that perhaps the graphic element in the top left is not completely necessary. We do like the addition of the blue line at the top of the front cover. We are curious to see one without the graphic element in the top-left, but With the blue line at the top (or perhaps a line at the top that mirrors the one on the bottom of the folder?)

    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback ok i will make the changes as you want i upload now

    • Dear CH, please check #28 & #29 thanks.....................

    • Thank you for the adjustment. #29 is good to go. Could you extend this theme to generate a product brochure template (a single sheet (front and back) brochure and four page brochure)?

    • Rajagee, Thank you for all your work with this contest. The contest will end in less than 2 hours, and we are ready to award you the winning designs. All that is left is to combine the folder design, business card design, and letterhead design to one final entry that we can award gold. If you could please, upload a preview of the following designs into a single, final entry we are ready to proceed. - Folder design: #29 (for the exterior) ; with #18 (for the interior of the folder) -Business card design: #17 -Letterhead design: #17 Great work! Thank you!

  • Hello CH, Kindly can you tell me exactly as you found optimum design? If so, I would like to know if you are interested in my the template #19, #20 and #21. I use genuine texture invented by me (not raster, but vector) into another light shade to stand out black text. Still under 6 days we can achieve great things, not common. The decision is yours. In my opinion, you should not go out signs of the logo, which resembles a sports logo, adidas. The company is specialized in logistics and that should be noted. I think so. Best regards!
    • Hi ursachio, thank you for your entries so far. Your designs, while impressive, do not have the look and feel that we are seeking. We are looking for something a little more minimalistic than what you have produced. For example the designs by rajagee have a bit cleaner style and more unique qualities. We feel like the wispy/wavy coloring features are nice but they lack a certain level of uniqueness in this industry. We would welcome any additional entries, of course. Please note, our official colors have been attached as a pdf document to this brief. Any designs going forward should incorporate those colors. Again, thank you.

    • Hello Ch, Thank you for feedback. I appreciate that, although coming a little late. I wish you much success!

  • Dear Ch, please check my entries after changes i hope you like my different variation & bg design again appreciated feedback thanks
    • Rajagee, to clarify- the folder design from #4 is right on track, we would just like to see something different than the large blue triangle in the top left of that design as a graphic element. Also, the most recently added document in the brief contains color codes for our official company 'blue' (it is a bit darker than what you have here). It would be nice to see the designs, using that shade of blue.

    • Dear Sir, Thanks i am working your requirement i upload soon thanks

    • Thank you, Rajagee. As info, I have attached another document to the brief to show what we would like to see with the folder design- the area on the document marked by the rectangle is the part of the folder we like and would like to continue to use going forward. The area marked by the circle is a feature we would like removed, but we would appreciate a different type of graphic enhancement. Also, could you put our actual company address, website, and employee name into the designs, so we could see how those fit into the designs? For the employee name you can use: Brandon Gzehoviak, email: Our company address is: 3696 Largent Way, Suite 200 Marietta, GA USA 30064 Phone: 404-214-0856 Website is:

  • Hello again, About#22, I made blue folder that certainly attracts attention and can not be confused with another. Inside folder as white. Cursor shows the location as a detail showing modernity and keeping up with technology. I used CMYK colors from pdf attached. Best regards!