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Winning design #38 by tookz, Graphic Design for Design an Ad for a Company Run by Fun, Friendly People! Contest
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designed by tookz

Project description

We have a page full of information we need to put on the Industry Association website where we promote our classes, and we need your help making it visually appealing, clear, and readable. We don't want the ad to be too "loud" -- we'd like it to be friendly, inviting, and clear. Here are the details: -- The theme for the ad is "The Dozen Reasons To Do Your Training with Us", and a simple mock-up of the information is at -- The text for the above mock-up is at (We'd like to use the text as written.) -- The various graphics files that are used in the mock-up are at -- A screen-shot of the page where the ad will be placed is here: -- there's no restriction on the vertical height of the ad, but the width needs to fit into the column as shown. If you have any questions, just email us! Thanks!

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  • 700px X 700px
  • Design #5 is the enhanced version of my design #3
  • Ok!! i'll work on it... but i feel that these colors are most appropriate and matching to the section where it is to be placed on the website. Still i f you want me to make changes then please pinpoint the areas where you want improvements... Thanks 4 ur feedback.
  • The design is impressive but we're looking for something a bit more conventional / a bit less exciting :)
  • I like this direction -- perhaps we could brighten the colors a bit?
  • About Design #3 : the first strip is the main design and other two strips are cropped part of main strip to show maximum details... i have tried to make the design very simple and sober so that information which you want to convey can be highlighted...
  • Hello, the rules are that images must be submitted at no more than 480 pixels high, so this will be hard to read. I used your corporate red color, but I could also use the red color that was used in the ad.jpg. Also will this ad just be an image (with perhaps some image mapping) or does it need to be fully interactive html?
  • Hi! It needs to be 700 pixels wide.
  • Can you give us the exact width the ad needs to be? Thanks.
  • Designed to fit your website color scheme
  • Designed to fit your website color scheme
  • Here's my design in a single column as you requested. Anyway, I believe the two-column layout is easier to read, also measuring 700px wide. Given that users generally are not attracted to extensive texts, it is always a better option that the page doesn't seem too long to be more appealing to the target audience. Thank you
  • Greeting gamarketing, I have Used Your Color Scheme on my Ads to fit your website layout, Also I have put in consideration that your content is large and probably will need to load fast so I didn't add a heavy gradient on the concept. Let me know if i'm in the right track to add the rest of the To-do instructions. Regards.
  • I like this a lot. Clean, clear, simple, but eye-catching. Could you do it as a single column not more than 700 pixels wide?
  • I like it!
  • We do not allow designers to work off other designers design and concept ideas infraction for entry
  • just finish it #37
  • upgrade from my last design.
  • Hi CH, I've made this as your colour scheme at your Websites. Hope You like it .. ;) Thank you..
  • #29 #30 #31 Designed to fit as per site scheme