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Project description

Hi there!

We are looking for   a badge that designers from can proudly display on  web pages ( or where you want ) We will include a code for you so  a potential client can click on this badge  and go right to your profile page here.

We will include each month on this badge  Designers full and include DC nickname and Month You were designer of the month

Be creative and make something you are proud to display and show off that you are designer of the month at

The Badge is required to 

1. DC logo
2. Incorporate  our DC colors
3. Complete vector   Ai or EPS or svg
4. Include the text  "  Designer of the       Month"

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  • Some fixes and make it pop (color) #432
  • Party Version, Please review my work :D #431
  • Naked version, please give me a review, thanks #430
  • 2nd Version, please have a look ^_^ #429
  • Please take a look at my work, sir, madam ^_^ give me a feedback if you need :p some fixes. Thanks, Kinds Regards. Love #428
  • On black background. #423
  • Please give me feedback. #422

  • Hello contest holder

    I am posting my design concept according to your design brief and requirement

    Hope you will like my design

    Kindly check and guide me with your feedback and rating so that I can bring my design more closer to your expectation and likeness and can present you the best design of your choice


  • Let me know :) #409
  • Alternate version in solid colors. #405
  • Flat colors versions. #404
  • About #406, @Flexa : would you like check my design sir?
  • your feedback will be appreciated. #388
  • Your feedback will be appreciated.. Thanks. #387
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #384
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #383
  • The Badge DC Designer of the month #381
  • The Badge DC Designer of the month #380
  • Check my design please
    I need feedback

  • Go check out #370

    Thank you!