Energy Displays for schools - displaying and explaining energy use to children

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Winning design #72 by Azbelx, Graphic Design for Energy Displays for schools - displaying and explaining energy use to children Contest
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designed by Azbelx

Project description

We are building a new software package that will read meter data (gas, water, electricity and weather) of a primary school. The software will then display this information on a large screen mounted in reception. It will show the occupants of the building how much energy is being used to run the school and the current weather conditions. We are looking for a screen design that incorporates 4 cartoon characters, one that represents each of the energies that we are displaying.

Please see MainScreen1.jpg for an example;

The cartoon characters will animate depending on the reading of the meter at the time. Using the example MainScreen1.jpg, the electricity's characters bulb could get brighter or dimmer depending on how much electricity is being used. We also will accept the characters being happy or sad with low energy use being happy and high energy use being sad. We invite innovative designs as how these characters will represent good or bad, high or low etc..

The character for the weather needs to represent the following 8 frames;
Sunny (and windy)
Dark (and windy)
Cloudy (and windy)
Raining (and windy)

For the purpose of the competition just provide a design of the main screen and 2 examples of each character. If you are rated 90% or better we will ask for the remaining frames to be submitted as a decider for the competition.

The characters can be themed as a 'family' or completely independant as in the example provided.

The following criteria need to be met for the display screen;
A permanent area is needed for a title
It does not have to be paned in seperate areas as in the example - would like to see more seemless designs
A permanent area is needed for a scrolling marquee that will display shool messages on a rotation
The page that the 4 sets of information is displayed in will be replaced by other pages of information, keeping the title and the scrolling marquee
- see example Electricity.JPG

The design for this project is aimed at children between the ages of 4 to 11.

The display screen resolution will be 1920×1080

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  • dear ch here you will find a few of the characters, the design of the application hasn't been done yet, just showing you some characters to start off with, since this is the important part. Hope you like! Regards
  • Hi there TrueControls, i created a new interface, clean and colored, its simple for the kids of schools get atractted by this interface on a screen with this system, and i created a new concept into the screen that will motive the students to use less energy, wather, and gas, creating a inter-connected mini interface like a competition between the schools, the system will provide a personal dayly uses of the services but at the end of the month it will be uploaded to a central that will show you who used less energy! and then it will be updated on each school screen, it will be like a game for they! great way to make they get concience about care our planet! with a healthy competition!! tell me if you like it!! and well, the characters are simple vector characters that i created with funny cartoon face style. they're not agressive they're cute. And in the top, the name of truecontrol your company, just at the right a simple box that show's the posittion of the school the last month on the competition, and bellow the school logo and a board with the possibillity of change the information!! hope you like it!! there are 3 differents states of the first character, take care ch. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH!!
  • Hello, I was hoping to receive some feedback, on for example the 'led' look-a-like consumption display etc. before supplying the alternatives you require. Thanking you in anticipation.
  • Could you explain what you mean by 'Dark' weather? Thanks. Are you sure you won't need any other weather symbols eg hail, snow, fog, etc
  • DnC
    @True Controls: can you explain more on the use of the background.. Are the icons (or character) will emerge with the background or …? Then if you use complex background, how do you want the children to see the scale? or is the sample you gave is just example what kind of drawing you would like as your icon? Thank you.
  • I have uploaded the 3 links as examples, the links below are incorrect because of spaces in the links. Thanks
  • Ch, no one of your link can be opened. Maybe you need to re-type the correct link. Thanks
  • dear ch, i have adjusted some of the characters. also i have bought the background vector image for the rights to use it. hope you like. Thanks
  • please see uploaded examples for artwork styles that interest us. the links posted in the previous comment have had spaces inserted in the addresses so do not work unless all spaces are removed sorry.
  • Hi thanks for the entries, With regards to #3 and #1, we would like to see a simpler more organic design - something that is more 'story board' looking as though it was a page from a childrens book. your designs are pleasant but we feel they are too technical/electronic looking. we would only like to display the information that is provided in the example, the extra features that ekgraphics2010 mention are incorporated in other pages of the display. With regards to #2, we like the general look of the characters thanks, our only concern is with the electric, gas and water is that they dont have much range between each end of the scale. we would like the visual change between them to be more prominent if possible. thank you. We are happy for people to start their entry by just submitting the characters first as with #2, thanks. please see the following links for more examples of artwork we like. If we were to use a landscape as a background, we would need an area to display the information, for example; The sky could be used as the main page background. - there are no restrictions to using a landscape as a background, as long as the story board theme is followed We would like fonts to be fun and fitting with the theme. We look forward to your entries, thank you.
  • ahh an there's a screen over the principal text that you can change to show information!! #20
  • hi dear ch, here's my new design #20!! well let me talk to you about it!! is a fresh design, the background is an image used from google but i'll create my own illustrations forit i just want to show you the advance, i created new characters with your help, the gas is a gas simple container for homes!! is cute and rounded, the water character contains two characters at the same time, the water object that emits water and the water too!! the normal state is that but when they use many water the object will be sad and putting out a lot of water!!, the lightbulb have 3 states, thats the normal state the 3rd state is the lightbulb with red light, really really consume light!! and a obviously face affected by the same light!!. i keep adding my adition to the panel!! the school energy contest!! it have 5 spces for the 5 first colleges that saves energy in that 3 states!! so, it will promove the kids to keep saving energy!! to be the best one, is a great wat to make some conciest!! i hope you like it i'll upload other states later, take care!! give me some feedback! byee!!
  • Dear CH, Need response about #17. Thanks :)
  • Any comment is pretty much appreciated. Thanks for viewing.
  • Hi, Here are the characters, I am still working on the 5 variations of each one but basically, low energy is represented by a smile and thumbs up. High energy is represented by sad face and sweating/melting, any feedback appreciated thanks, Aaron
  • Hi True Controls, This is the main page, any feedback appreciated, thanks, Aaron
  • Hi there, here are the comments on your questions; @DnC The examples of backgound are more illustrative of the artwork we like, i agree that in thier current state there is too much detail to overlay our characters and data. I imagine that if you use a landscape scene as a background the sky will take up most of the page so the characters and data can be placed there, they could be shown as suspended in the sky or standing on the ground depending on what type of character they are. Then maybe clouds at the top as a header holding the title and the scrolling marquee running through the grass at the footer. It may also be possible to incorprate the weather into the background so the background could change state with the weather and just have water, electric and gas on the main page. @ekgraphics2010 This is a good start thanks, although as the weather is the most obvious character to illustrate we are more interested in the electricity, water and gas as they are harder to represent. We look forward to your reply. @Dah Studios that wasnt very clear sorry, by dark we meant night time. we dont need any further symbols at the moment as we can only get data on the ones we requested at the moment. thanks For some inspiration regarding gas, water and electricity; Gas; the chactacter can be a gas flame or a person/object that emits a gas flame that can scale in size depending on consumption. another option is that multiple flames can light up as consumption increases. Water; the character can be an object that emits water (tap, hose, bucket, fire hydrant, etc). The amount of water coming from these objects could increase as consumption increases. another option is a lake that is set in the landscape could fill up from brown mud to blue water as more water comes from the character. Electric; The character can be a lightbulb or a character that holds a lightbulb that brightens as consumption increases. the character could have multiple lightbulbs that light up. Please remember that these 3 characters need to represent a scale of energy use and must animated for at least 5 levels from poor to good, happy to sad etc. We did originally ask for 8 levels as with the weather but we can manage with 5 levels for the 3 utilities. We would like each level to be distinctive from each other so at a glance we can tell what level of consumption we are at. Giving the character arms and legs can increase the range of emotions if a simple flame, drop and bulb is used. see latest example. Thanks for your interest we look forward to your entries.
  • Hello, I have submitted this first arrangement, in the hope of some feedback before continuing. I have created a whole scene to which a story could be applied, perhaps the Fireman has been called out to a runaway cooker fire, or whatever. I see the whole background as the 'stage' for the weather, cloud, wind, rain etc. I have given the characters legs enabling perambulation, I feel there is plenty of scope to ring the changes. Thank you
  • CH, Any comment is much appreciated. Thanks.