Family Coat of Arms

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Winning design #14 by doriganna90, Graphic Design for Family Coat of Arms Contest
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designed by doriganna90

Project description

I need to get a "coat of arms" for our family. A sketch is attached. I'm looking for detail in this drawing. The end result is a jpeg (with a transparent background) that I can add to letterheads, seals, invitations, christmas cards, etc.  At the center is a shield separated into four sections by a cross. The four charges of the shield are (1) open book, (2) a slain lamb, (3) a mountain scene with a train and a lake in the foreground and (4) a graph and the silhouette of an industrial scene. Around the shield is a circle which reads "Solus Christus" on the top, and "Sub Specie Aeternatis" at the bottom.  Above the circle is a helmet. Atop the helmet is a lion. Above the lion is a crown. I've also attached a couple of samples for the helmet, crown, and scroll work for the top mantle and the bottom mantle, as well as the bottom banner. There are two flags, one US, and one Indian. A bison is the US flag bearer. The bison will have its natural coloring. Around the bison will be tall blue delphiniums as shown. A peacock is the Indian flag bearer. The peocock will be in a rich cobalt blue, kelly green, teal, and gold. Around the peacock, will be while lilies of the valley as shown.  The Bottom banner reads "Philip Stephens Anita" left to right. Below the word "stephens" are three red and white polka dot mushrooms. Below the mushrooms is the bottom mantle. All scroll work is in gold. The bottom banner is a cobalt blue. The circle around the shield is red with gold border on both edges. The shield has a gold border. The cross on the shield is also gold. The helmet atop the shield may be cobalt blue or kelly green. The crown above the lion is red and gold similar to the examples.

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  • About #14, @doriganna90 Perfection. Thank you. Hope the background is transparent. Meaning when I paste it on a colored background, it will not print a white box.
    • About #14, @f1999308 no will be transparent. Thank you

  • @f1999308 this is the right one #14
  • @f1999308 sorry for the misunderstandig about the i used yours. #13
  • About #12, @doriganna90 . The peacock is perfect. Thanks. Regarding the lion, I just uploaded a file of the type of lion I am looking for (without the lamb). It has the exact representation of what I need. Please duplicate this if you can.

  • About #12,
    @f1999308 hope you like it
  • Also, please reduce the size of the gold flecks on the peacock tail feathers. Or perhaps change the gold on the feathers to another shade of blue. The gold of the tail feathers is clashing with the gold on the bottom mantle. #11
  • Please make the snout shorter (flatter) and make the mane bigger and include more of the mane where it comes down the neck as shown in the sketch where I showed the lion and the lamb. Sorry, that's the only thing that's not quite right. Everything else is great. #11
  • @f1999308 Dear contest holder, i've made changes, please check #11 design. Hope lion is ok.Thanks
  • Almost perfect. Please raise the lion a little higher and shorten the snout, similar to the example. I'm envisioning the lion from Narnia. #10
  • @f1999308 Dear contest holder, i've made changes, please check #10 design. Thanks
  • Please add a tiny lake in the foreground in front of the train. #6
  • Please make the silhouette of the industry black, instead of brown. #6
  • Please add dark fur / hair to the head and upper back of the bison. #6
  • Please add more scrolls (50% more) for the top banner. #6
  • Please make peacock slightly more cobalt blue and less turquoise. Okay for peacock to have streaks of turquoise. #6
  • Please add more leaves to the delphiniums. I think they have five pronged leaves. #6
  • Please add more leaves to the lily of the valley. I believe they have long leaves. #6
  • Please add gold border to the bottom name banner. #6
  • Please make delphiniums in shades of blue, and not purple. #6
  • Please make lion more noble and majestic and less fierce, similar to what was shown in the example. #6