Family Coat of Arms

Solid contest, but a only two designers responded to our post. Luckily the one we awarded the prize was fantastic and could help us out.

$235 paid

20 custom designs

3pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #20 by doriganna90, Graphic Design for Family Coat of Arms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by doriganna90

Project description

I am looking for a re-creation of my current coat of arms. I would like a much more detailed version with a little more unison involved. 

The main parts:
Color: Gold and Blue
Animal: California Cougars
Rocks: Below the cougars are cliffs with waves breaking on them
Small Cross: small rays of light beaming from cross
Shield: inside the shield are two mountains, seven stars in the middle, and an anchor
Additionally: There needs to be three crescent moons, otherwise you have artistic freedom

*Once selected, there is future room for several different paid versions*

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  • About #20, @rick_schneringer . Here's the design you asked: white, yellow and blue stars and shifted ribbons.
  • About #19, @doriganna90

    This is coming along very well! We did think of a few things though!

    1. We noticed a slight flaw in our star pattern. We would like the white star in the center, then a yellow star on either side, followed by two blue stars on either side. So it should be a white center star followed by a yellow star followed by two blue stars.

    2. The ribbons with the blue accents are looking great! Can you make them slightly smaller so that they aren't touching the cougars?

    Also the waves look great and everything is coming along nicely!! Thanks again!
  • dear @rick_schneringer, here's the design with ribbons and blue waves. Hope you like these designs. Thank you so much. (I love designing this kind of illustrations!). Anna #19
  • dear @rick_schneringer, here's the design with more and blue ribbons. #18
  • dear @rick_schneringer, here's the design without rocks. #17
  • About #15, @doriganna90

    This one is really good but we have few ideas we might want to explore.

    1. Can you try creating one that is the exact same only no rocks, just the cougars?

    2. Can you add the blue back into the ribbons on this one? Also, can you rotate the ribbons towards the cougars to fill in the white space between the ribbons and cougars a bit more?

    3. Can you make the waves/ocean a darker shade of blue similar to the color of the shield?

    The shield as a whole is what we want and everything looks good on it!!

    Once again thank you for the hard work!
  • @rick_schneringer I added crescant moons. This one with bigger boundaries for cougars. #16
  • @rick_schneringer I added crescant moons. This one with dark rocks. #15
  • coat of arms #12
  • About #10, @doriganna90

    The design here is coming along great though we do have a few comments.

    1. The helmet design is what we want and it looks good, but can you make it a little larger? Perhaps separating the ribbons and creating a little room around the helmet would be good.

    2. The stars should be the same size with alternating blue and gold colors. The only one we want different is the center star which should be white. Also the crescent moons above the mountains are missing.

    3. We feel as if the cougars blend with the rocks beneath them. Can we figure out a way to distinguish between the two? Perhaps color change on the rocks or a slightly larger outline around the cougars?

    Thanks for all your hard work!!
  • Coat of arms #11
  • @rick_schneringer Changed rocks, cougars, helmet, banner and written on top. Please check it and give me your feedback. Thanks #8
    • About #8, @doriganna90

      Looking much better! We have a few more requests.

      1) The Helmet: Could we make this a little more of a center piece for the crest? The Helmet in the other author's first submission is alittle more the style we are looking for. I think if the helmet itself was a little larger, it would occupy the empty space better.

      2) Font and Banner: Can make the font and style of the letter be unison, using the same font as on the "schneringer?"

      3) Cougars: The cougars themselves are looking great! The rocks underneath them, however, could be a little more narrow and align more with the outside paw.

      4) Can we render the center star pure white?

    • @rick_schneringer Thanks gor your feedback, I'll try my best. Just some question: About fonts and banner. The font of the bottom banner and the font of the upper banner are the same. The only difference is the dimensions. Should I enlarge the fonts of the bottom banner?

    • @doriganna90 #9 #10, i tried two different decorations. I changed the helmet (hope you like it) and resized the rocks underneath the cougars. The stars now are white, I left the coloured boundaries (blue or yellow). The letters of the bottom banner are bigger and the font and the colour are the same of the letters of the upper banner. Hope you like these changes. Thank you. @rick_schneringer

  • Dear Contest Holder @rick_schneringer, here's my new design with changes you asked. Please check it. Thanks, Anna #7
  • New Coat of arms #1
    • About #1, @SAHitman

      So we have a few comments to make about this submission.

      1) The cougars on this one and the helmet are both well done.

      2) The three crescent moons are missing.

      3) We also prefer a diagonal sash across the shield, as in our sample.

      4) We would like the top name and bottom motto in banner form.

      All together we want this to look more like a traditional family crest.

  • Dear contes holder @rick_schneringer, here's my design. Please, I'd like to receive your feedback to improve my work. Thanks, Anna #2 #4 #5
    • About #4, @doriganna90

      This is definitely the right direction!
      We did have a few comments, however.
      To Start:

      1) Can we try moving the three crescant moons into the shied and above the mountains

      2) Can we also make the"Schneringer" Banner a little bit larger

      3) Can we make the helmet a little larger with a "profile" view (aka from the side)

      4) With regards to the cougars, we would like to have the cougars be as detailed as the other versions (#3) and be without the tail and a little larger.

      5) Addittionally, could the rocks be a little more detailed as well?

      Thank you very much,