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Winning design #57 by vart4riony, Graphic Design for Flyer Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vart4riony

Project description

We need a 8.5" x 11" double sided flyer designed to promote a NEW division of our company. We help new pet product companies get listed on major web sites by acting as their sales representative as well as handle the order fulfillment for them. The target for this flyer will be business professionals/owners. Design should be corporate and professional that's also eye catching. Should be a serious design but still modern and aesthetic. Company fonts include - ITC Cheltenham Std Book - Avenir LT Std 35 Light - Avenir LT Std 55 Roman If you do not have these fonts , use something close, we'll modify the winning design. Colors: Blue: c5dcec Brown: ddbe8f Red: 951234 Grey: e7e7e8 Red should be used sparingly. Not to be used as a dominant background color. Uploaded files include content for the flyer. The main focus of the cover is the text "We launch your products on major web sites…. AND handle your order fulfillment" and secondly the network of retailers. Photos While our over divisions sell pet products, this division is offering a service. If photos are used they can include pet owners shopping online, warehouse packing, sales people, and pet products. Included are sample photos. Others can be found on stock image web sites. More products photos can be found here Final deliverable should include source files and Print ready PDF. If you do not own our fonts, deliverable should be editable so we can edit text. We own Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. Source files should not be provided outside of these programs.

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  • Dear Ch this is a A4 flyer ? ...........................
  • Hi, with the last version that I uploaded, you get a better idea of the colors I used and what you would get once printed. I think the flyer fits the catalog but still stand out, I wanted to create something a little bit less boring. Don't hesitate to give me your feedback, I'll try to make the adjustements (colors can be changed ...)
  • Wrong colors and format
  • I actually don't mind how you listed the logos. Looks nice and neat. But the rest is way to colorful. And the colors are wrong.
  • Thank you for your time and efforts. I don't think your style will work for us.
  • Better, but not consistent with my catalog
  • While I like how you broke up different sections, its not inline with the style of my catalog
  • Colors aren't bad. But the layout is boring. I would have the about us section smaller so the more can be done with the other text
  • Hi Dskwkrs. Much too busy. The colors should be pulled from the catalog.
  • Hi Ch, The front portion was still in the process. If you ask me if I would grab this sheet .. Personally yes because it has an attractive layout.. but a normal person idk. By colors what are you considering?.. Pastel? warm vs cool etc etc.. Open for critique Thank You
  • Hi Dskwkrs. I don't mind wordsmithing. However, there is no color to the design. I submitted the content but expected the designer to add color and make the flyer attractive. If you saw this on a table... would you be motivated to read it? Also, you presented only the back. What about the front?
  • Hi Ch I hope you dont mind but I did change up a bit your copy. I can revise back if needed. Most of the change was in the About Us section. #1 I had caught a mistake after the upload of #1 and its fixed in #2 "products" was orphaned in the About us section #3 is a little different grid that each line that highlights the questionnaire also leads to the services that you provide and also About us section. Lots of copy enhancements through out. Again can be revised back to original copy. Open for some critique Thank You
  • The flyer should be 8.5" x 11" double sided.
  • Great, though note I'll probably end this contest sooner than 8 days. So let me see what you can do sooner than later
  • Okay Joshjpeg - I see that you have extended the contest - Hopefully I'll be able to post another new design (since we have limited # of designs we may upload per contest) All the best Diego
  • Hi diegomey. The design should be compatible with my catalog. So if placed side by side the look would be consistent. But it doesn't have to look exactly the same. If you have ideas how to make an eye caching design using elements of the catalog, I'd like to see these designs. FYI Red should be used sparingly.
  • Hello Joshpeg - According to your briefing you wanted a design based on your catalog - is this changed? Would you like to see another design? Thanks
  • I like the basic concept of this one but there are changed that would have to be made. Pallet is not on brand. Text should not be over images. Also you added content that is not applicable to this division. I uploaded a version of your design that fits better within our needs. Feel free to take it and improve on it.
  • Hello Joshjpeg - well since your layout was actually an improvement upon my submitted design, I saw no room for any extreme changes. Except I think we should use the QR Code for easy mobile direction to your website. as Well Change one of the Pets pictures on the back, even though they are in different poses it looks like a double picture. Thanks for all the quick feedback! I hope this is very close to the gold!
  • I guess you like my layout and didn't see any room for improvement?