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Winning design #23 by Eirien, Graphic Design for Flyer design for our training organisation Contest
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designed by Eirien

Project description

APTI is a training organisation running short Business courses ** Design for new double-sided A4 flyers advertising our courses** There is quite a lot of text to be included, but we would like this balanced with images and colour etc. As we are an established company, we already have set branding already in place. We want to keep these flyers relatively consistent with our brand, but we are open to variation if we like the look of something new! We have created a VERY basic design that is currently in use, essentially we would like a more snazzy version of this (see attached). Note: **We are definitely not just after a tidy up, please feel free to completely change the layout and overall look!!** See our current branding as a reference: APTI website The image we want to present of APTI is: - Professional, subtle, modern, clean - Vibrant and energetic – not too dry and boring - Friendly / warm / welcoming - Clear and easy to understand The design must include: (see attached) - APTI logo - Written information provided - Nationally Recognised Training Logo Target audience - young job seekers

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  • Hi guys! We are happy to use stock images :) We have used them in the past and have an account set up already with Shutterstock. Perhaps you can just use the stock image watermarked copy in your designs and then if we choose your entry we will purchase the image. Thanks!
    • Thanks for the reply! I was wondering what file type you would like to receive

    • Hi there, I think that photoshop would be best - because we will be wanting to change the content to fit each of our courses and that may be difficult with a PDF. Any other suggestions are welcome :)

    • In saying that we haven't actually got Photoshop yet! - so maybe PDFs will be more appropriate initially so that we can view your designs Thanks for your patience

    • Oh ok that should not be a problem. Depending on which version of Photoshop you get (CS5 or later in my case), you will be able to open "Photoshop PDFs" and edit right within the program itself in the future.

    • Wonderful! We look forward to seeing what you come up with

  • Dear CH, i like your project & upload soon my entry! can i use stock image in you brochure ?
  • G'day! I have a few questions about the flyer: — What is your take on using stock imagery? Would you have a budget if stock images are permitted? — What type of file would you be needing after this is done (pdf, photoshop, indesign, etc)? Thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my 1st entry i hope you like my design & idea appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hi Rajagee, Thanks for your entry. Unfortunately you haven't changed the template that we provided at all - we were hoping for a new layout that is more clear and professional looking than something we could create ourselves. Please feel free to move the position of the text, use different colours and a different format with the aim of making the flyer as easy to read, and visually appealing as possible. I hope that gives you a more clear idea of what we are after. Thanks again, and good luck!

  • Hi Eirien, We really like your design, please note that the *eligibility criteria only needs to be on the flyer once - it can be either the front or the back. It doesn't need to be in such an obvious position as it is currently on the front in your design - do you think you could find somewhere else to put it? Also, do you think we could have a bit more colour on the back, unfortunately it is a huge amount of text - so we're keen for anything that can make this look a little more interesting and visually appealing. Thanks again for your entry, and we look forward to what you are able to do from these comments!
    • Hi and thank you for your feedback. I have submitted a new design #13 with the eligibility on the back side (where I agree it looks better). I also added colors and a photo on the back, as well as some rays from your homepage. The QR-code on both sides leads directly to this page: Entry #14 is without the rays. Thank you again and feel free to ask for any changes to the design.

    • Hi Eirien, Thanks for your submissions, we definitely like the version with the rays better. Also love the inclusion of the APTI website on the screen, and the QR-code. Are you able to include our slogan "Growing People and Business"? Can't think of anything else to suggest, but we are always open to more ideas! Thanks again APTI

    • Hi, Thank you! I made some minor changes to the design and the rays. A also added the slogan on the top of both pages. You can see these changes in #22 and a large straight up version in #23. Thank you again!

  • Dear CH, I've uploaded my design- #7. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers
    • Hi Ideasstudio, Thanks for your submission. We really like the Title and the darkened image on the front, not to keen on the big quotation marks - they seem a little distracting. Could you perhaps take some of that colour scheme onto the back? Also the image on the back feels a bit squished, are we able to space things out a little more on the back? Hope this is productive, happy designing!

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #9 is new entry for your consideration. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

    • Hi Ideasstudio, Thanks for your second submission! We love the back and the combination of our website designs looks great. We are a little concerned about how busy that top image/title on the front looks. We're not keen on the box/speech bubble shape over the woman's face, and while the text layout is great unfortunately it seems to get a little lost with the busy image behind (even with it being blacked out.) As I said we do like the dark colour, however ideally something that is a little easier to read and not too distracting. Hopefully this feedback is constructive, we look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

    • Hi Ideasstudio, thanks for your further submissions, the title/image looks much better. Please note that management have now requested that we have a QR-code linking students directly to the website: Thank you APTI

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design. As your requested, I have uploaded new version of #21, please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

  • Hi all, Just another thought looking at your entries so far. On our website you will notice there is a lot of use of vibrant lines throughout the background and some of the headings. We really like this theme as it gives the page a sense of movement and fluidity. If you are able to bring this into your designs at all, instead of just block colours we would be really excited. #6 option B does this nicely Thanks again and good luck!
  • Hi all! Thanks for your submissions so far, please note that we would like a design DIFFERENT to our exemplar. Ideally we would like the flyer to not look too 'text heavy' and for the layout to be easy to read and appealing to look at. We definitely like the use of images so far and the colour schemes are appropriate to our branding. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, otherwise we look forward to seeing what else you come up with!
  • About #10 I have submitted my design. Let me know if you have any suggestions on improvising the design as per your requirement. Thanks and regards, Studio33in
    • Hi Studio33in, thanks for your entry, the colour scheme is great and the top half of the front page is looking good. The rest of the flyer looks a little too wordy, we want it to be something that someone can pick up and not put down immediately again because of the daunting amount of text. So ideally the text will be broken up so that it doesn't look like a long list of words. Hope this is helpful to you, thanks APTI

  • About #25 Submitting another design for your consideration. Hope you like it. Regards, Studio33in
  • About #24 Thanks for your feedback. I have updated my design. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks and regards, Studio33in
  • Hi all, We have previously used a QR-code in our marketing, and management have now asked that we include one in this flyer, linking students directly to the website: Thanks and good luck, designs are looking great!
  • Hello CH, About new design #15, #16, #17 I have done a clean design that excels in elegant impact. I have rebuilt in vectorial format all the elements (logo APTI, logos certifications, texture site), these make all conditions to an excellent print. We structured information in two columns, both on the front page and on verso,so that there are a lot of important information that can not be eliminated. Hope you like! Best regards!
  • Hello APTI, About #27, The information is very well structured, the background is modern to make a contrast between the front and back of leaflet, and it again, the elements are vectorial and printing will be very good quality. If you have something to improve, I expect a feedback from you with great interest. Best regards!