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Winning design #27 by mediaproduction, Graphic Design for Flyer Design Updates for Music School Contest
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designed by mediaproduction

Project description

Hello Designers! We are a Music School & Arts Center looking to update our advertising flyer package, 2 templates (one physical and one digital/online) which consists of the following: 1) Editable Digital/Online Flyer Template: advertising our services and In-Home lessons. Must be compatible/visible on a site like Here is an example of the type of editable digital flyer we need, but we'd like for it to be a little larger. It should be in full color, vibrant, informative and engaging Here's the info to include on the flyer: -Our logo(attached here) -Name of Division: "Village Family Room Music School" -"Busy schedule? Join over one hundred families who invite our teachers into their homes every week." -"Village Center for the Arts screens all teachers carefully. Families can be assured that all of our instructors have been fingerprinted, FBI cleared, and their references carefully checked before they are asked to join our team to teach our students. Our teachers are friendly, fun and professional" -"Call Village today and meet your new teacher soon! 925-676-8400" -"" 2) Editable Physical Flyer Template (.pub-publisher format preferred): advertising our School Enrichment programs. These are typically printed in black and white on colored paper. Use the following information as an example to use in your design example: -"Beginning Guitar Class here at Maple Tree Elementary!" -"Students will learn and improve techniques essential to guitar playing, such as strumming, proper hand position and chord transitions, while learning songs that are popular and fun to play. Home practice required. Lab fee includes method book. -"April 9- May 31" -"2:40pm-3:30pm" -"Tuition $128.00" -"Lab Fee $10.00" -"Students are required to bring a guitar to class, as well as practice at home. If a guitar rental is needed, you can call Village to rent one for $25 per month. The instructor will deliver the rental to the first class!" -"Call Village Music School at 925-676-8400 to register today!" Our logos have been uploaded here. You can see our current website and branding at

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  • Hi, Let me know you change to the design.I am happy to edit again. speak to you soon.
  • Dear CH The two designs.Hope you will like it.Feel free to let me know If you need any changes.
  • Thanks for feedback to my entry #9. What can I do more? Thanks
    • Would you also include a physical flyer in this submission? We need something with more depth than the one in entry #5. It doesn't have to be in black and white, but when printed in black and white on colored paper it should look great. Also, please change the name of the school to "Maple Tree Elementary". This is specifically for children in grades 2-8 and their parents, so try to appeal to that market with your design. Think friendly, fun, safe, rock and roll. Thanks!!

    • |--|

      mediaproduction {*wrote*}:
      Thanks for feedback to my entry #9. What can I do more? Thanks
      |--| Is there a way to incorporate a warm family home environment? Happy family, friendly/positive teacher, successful student. Thanks!

  • Hello! Could you incorporate a violin, a drumset (or drumsticks), a piano and one of the following: trumpet/saxophone/clarinet into this design as well? I like the general energy it gives off- it's warm and inviting! Very colorful too!
  • Sorry, these just aren't what we are looking for, but take a look at those who have the highest scores and feel free to re-submit!
  • Hello I have submitted design please provide feedback Thanks
  • Hi All, We'd love to see submissions that are cleaner and brighter. Also, keep it fun, but more professional looking with respect to fonts, etc. Just as a reminder, we are looking for 2 templates, one physical and one digital. So far we've only seen one submission from each of the designers. There should be 2! Thanks everyone!!
  • I would like some feedback on my designs (#14, #17). Thanks.
  • Hello CH Check Entry number 21 and 20. 21 - Print template 20 - Online template TY
  • Hello CH Do you want any change in design let me know. Thanks
  • Hello, a few things that did not make it: 1) The words "Village", "Music" and "School" should all be dark blue. "Family Room" should be a different color from the dark blue. 2) Please move the logo with "Village center for the arts" from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. The text on the bottom of the page should move up right underneath of the instruments. 3)"Village Family Room Music School" Should be centered on the page.
    • 4) Please add this language as well somewhere on the flyer: "Lessons in Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute and more!"

    • I have submiited design. Please provide me high rated then I can able to submit corrections Thanks

  • Please make the following updates to this submission: 1) Remove the words "Busy Schedule?" from the red box, and add them in front of the blurb beneath the red box in bold. Only "Busy Schedule?" should be in bold. 2) Add the following text to the Red box in this 2 line format: "Our School You're Home" 3) Please switch the positioning of the "Village Family Room Music School" with the Logo/"Village Center for the Arts" 4) Please update the text for "Village Family Room Music School" accordingly: Make the words "Village" "Music" and "School" all the same color blue. Please make the words "Family" and "Room" the gradient/lighter blue, or a different color altogether. Please also update the format as follows: Village Family Room Music School 5)When a user clicks on this flyer it should take them to 6) When a user clicks on the phone number from their mobile device, it should allow them to call that phone number. 7) We want to be sure we will be able to edit this file additionally once we have received it, if we select it as the winner. Please keep this in mind! 8)Add the following list (read-able by a search engine) somewhere on the online flyer: "Lessons in Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute and more!" Thank you!! :)
    • Hello CH, point 5,6,7,8 are all changing related to programmer and We are all here designer. I cant able to do this. If you agree then I will do corrections Thanks

    • please update what you can from this list, thank you!

    • Thanks for clear me. I will give you correction soon Thanks

    • I have submitted design Let me know if you need any correction Thanks

  • Hello. Can I use the photos included in your website as well as in your FB page? And I also don't have control over the the clickable parts of the online flyer (phone number) since we're only designers. Thanks.
  • Hi! We like #15 and #22. Can you please also submit a physical flyer template design with one/both of these, so that we have the 2 submissions in one entry? That will complete the scope of the project, right now, you are 50% of the way there.
  • Hello, is there a way for you to bring the vibrance and lightness of #9 to this digital file (flyer on the left)? If you can swap out one of the photos for an "in-home, family" scene, that would be great). Also, could you take a look at what we like in #17 and #18 and take another shot at the physical flyer (flyer on the right)?
  • Hello CH I have submitted #31 and #32 for your consideration. Please rate and let me know what you think. Thank you
  • Dear CH, Thanks at your reviews for #26, now I have modify my design as per your choice and other discussions. My new submission is #30 and #38 for Editable Physical Flyer Template (in Publisher Format) with hope you like. So please give your comment also. Thanks
  • Dear CH, Submitted the flyer design,Awaiting for you comments, Thanks.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for rating my design & pls tell if you need any further changes. Please also let me know how you want the flyer page. Awaiting for yourearly comment, Thanks.
  • Hello! I submit Maybe you've chosen but I would like to show you a quick example. If you could give me an answer I appreciate it!