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Winning design #11 by aura, Graphic Design for Facebook and Twitter design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by aura

Project description

We are in need of a Facebook and Twitter profile page design. We specifically need a profile picture design and a timeline/banner design. One that fits the dimensions of Facebook and one that fits the dimensions of Twitter. Below is a description of our company and our current request. Foothold Marketing and Promotion provides marketing and promotion services to small to medium size businesses. Our tagline is the very definition of Foothold: a secure position from which further progress is made. You can take a look at our website for a detailed look at our history, vision and mission. www.footholdmarketing.com Profile Picture Description: We want our logo to be centered on a white background. Our desire is for it to fit within each platform's profile dimensions. Timeline/banner description: We will include this Timeline/banner in an ongoing promotion campaign designed to highlight our tagline (a secure position from which further progress is made). We would like an actual black and white photo (maybe of some famous structure). We do not want a drawing, we want an actual photo. It should be a scenery with a structure that can serve as a "foothold". We want the structure to be highlighted using the yellow in our logo. The yellow is Pantone color pms116. For example: Imagine scenery with a Bridge in the distance. The bridge is highlighted yellow. The bridge gives anyone crossing a secure means to get from one place to another. For example: Imagine a rock climber on the side of a mountain. Any place where he can establish a "foothold" is highlighted yellow (PMS 116). We welcome your creativity. Any scenario that fits our promotion campaign description will be considered. Facebook Dimensions Timeline: 851px (width) x 315px (height) Profile: 180px x 180px Twitter Dimensions Timeline/Banner: 1500px (width) x 500px (Height) Profile: 400px x 400px Logo Color: PMS 116 Attached files contain logo and dimension suggestions to improve view on phone applications.

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  • We would like you to use an actual photo for the Timeline/Banner design. The photo should be in black and white. The only color in the photo should be whatever structure can be viewed as providing a "foothold". We do not want the logo to be in the photo at all.
    • hi ... :) apologize in advance, I do not see that image that I use is similar to the image #11. I want to ask whether a different design that is similar to the photo is a violation? because, obviously I use a different photo. here my link photo http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=145358794&src=id What should I do with this problem or how do I clean it?, because I never expect violations. please let me know. thanks. best regards,

  • Dear info23, Are stock photos allowed? (example: fotolia.com, 123rf.com, shutterstock.com)
    • It can be a stock photo. If you google "black and white photo with color accents".....those examples will give you exactly what we are looking for visually. The creativity would be in how you accent the structure in the photo. We want a photo of something that suggests the tagline. It could be anything that suggests the tagline.

  • Hello, I have a quick question: the website isn't too clear on this, but whereabouts are the majority of Foothold's clients located? (Nebraska, mid-west, U.S., global?). Thank you
    • Most of our clients are small record labels, artists, and small businesses. Most are located in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Illinois. We are expanding our reach to cover more of the heartland and the midwest.

    • Thanks for the clarification. One more question: should the tagline itself be present in the timeline/banner design? Or is the banner merely a visual representation of the tagline? Hope my question makes sense. Thanks again

    • No, the tagline shouldn't be present. We want it to be a subtle visual suggestion. A simple photo with a yellow accent on the image that suggests the tagline.

  • We like your attempt. You understand our concept for the Timeline/Banner. We would like to see what it will look like once you get the logo right in the profile picture. Your current submission for the profile picture has our logo changed or distorted. You would also only need to accent the stones along the children's path. You have the concept, we just need it cleaned up a bit.
    • Thanks for the feedback; I missed your fonts first. #14 is modified version.

  • This is a good attempt but we prefer your other design. It is more subtle.
  • We like what you did here. Give us a cleaner look on the profile picture with the logo. Just use the logo and don't try to make it look like our website design. We need it to be centered and crisp.
  • We like what you did with the profile picture. It goes well with our website design. You can keep that. As far as the timeline/banner, we would prefer something a little more subtle. We would also prefer that the only yellow in the design be the structure that you choose to accent. Take a look at the photos recently uploaded. These are examples of the amount of color we desire. The photo of the bridge is actually a perfect example of the design scheme we are looking for. A nice stock photo something that serves as "a secure position from which further progress is made". For example: a bridge, a man climbing a mountain, a child in boat on a lake, an animal using a log or something to cross a river. In these examples the bridge, the boat, or the log would be the only thing accented.
  • This design does not fit our brief description.
  • Take a look at the feedback given to the other graphic designers. We have provided two images that are examples of the type of accents we are looking for. The image has to fit our tagline.
  • This is not what we are looking for. We uploaded two photo examples of the type of accents we need. The photo can be of any man made or nature image that would fit the tagline.
  • I uploaded two photos that are examples of what type of coloring we are looking for. We need a photo of something man made or in nature that can be an example of the tagline. The bridge in the uploaded photo could actually be what we are looking for.
  • your entry is just like entry 11 http://www.designcontest.com/other-design/foothold-marketing-promotion/entry/35
  • We are looking more towards your design #22
  • We feel the suggestion doesn't quite fit our tagline.
  • We appreciate your attention. We are looking towards some of the other designs as a first choice.
  • We understand you are asking if this photo would work. We are looking towards the bridge designs leading to cities.
  • We appreciate your effort but are looking to some of the other designs.
  • We like this design but we prefer your design with the bridge leading to the city. It suggests urban, cool and hip.
  • We like your other design more so.
  • We like this design. We will discuss it amongst the finalists.