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Project description

I need to have a couple of 'Hero' graphics created that represent the FSB brand and product. Currently we have two revolving images on our home page - http://www.fsbtech.com/ these need to be replaced.

We offer a company everything they need to launch and operate an online sports betting and casino and we also offer retail betting.

Please see our competitor's sites for inspiration: http://www.sbtech.com/  https://www.playtech.com/  https://www.betconstruct.com/  https://www.openbet.com/ and http://www.btobet.com/

Some thoughts:

FSB offers a comprehensive betting and gaming platform which means operators do not have to spend time on tasks such as trading and reporting and can instead focus on promotions and CRM.

Please review the text on our website to explain our company in a bit more detail:

In addition to the hero images, I potentially will need more for the technology pages on the site e.g.

An image representing User Interface

A graphical representation of all the end user points; tablet, PC, EPOS, mobile, iOS + lots of products 

An image representing Sportsbook

A graphical representation of thousands of individual pieces of data from the industry’s best data suppliers harnessed within the FSB platform

An image representing Casino

Hundreds of different slots, and table games all offered from the FSB platform

An Image representing Platform

Emphasise the wallet, the CRM, the payments, the fraud screening, affiliate tracking….

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  • if possible please comment on existing entries so the designers will know what direction to go for future entries.
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