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Winning design #21 by newlightdesigns.001, Graphic Design for Fuego, www.fuegoliving.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by newlightdesigns.001

Project description

Need a one page document (Landscape or Portrait OK) that highlights all of the key features of our product message we want to tell customers about our product.

Focus on design and performance aspects.  Also need to include basic specs on the product such as dims, weight, etc....

Have attached our versions that we were able to come up with in house but know that our raw ideas can be made into something great.

Images can be found in the dropbox links below:


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  • A revised version of my entry. I kept it clean and neat throughout the layout and separated each group of elements with a different shade in the background. I tried to place as much important detail about the product without making it all too cluster up nor difficult to understand or strayed away. Also the sections of the page are arranged in order of importance with a nice contrast that makes each stand out. #28
  • All graphics (except product photos) are vectors, for best print quality. #27
  • hi @fuegoliving..this is my design..hope u like it #25
  • hi @fuegoliving..this is my design..hope u like it #24
  • About #20, @Meow

    Clean, modern, and straight to the point. Portrait is used to best showcase the FELG21C. Use Full Size View to see the design in greater detail.
    • @Meow Will you submit this so that we can view it.

    • @fuegoliving

      What do you mean? The design is #20 (https://www.designcontest.com/graphic-design/fuego-www-fuegoliving-com/entry/20/)

      Full Size View is https://designcontest3-com-designcontest.netdna-ssl.com/data/contests/76628/entries/928f3aaac26f4517.jpg

  • Please have a look at my new entry and comment #21
  • Hi,
    I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this design. #17
  • I added a thin grey line for some more contrast and substance to the overall look. What do you think? #16
  • Zone 1 and zone 2 indicators added and I made corrections to 21" grill grate #12
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 indicators added #11
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 indicators added #10
  • New upload with adjustments as requested. #9
  • About #8, @newlightdesigns.001 Ok. thank you for feedback. I will make adjustments immediately
  • Remove (-) in front of steaks and seafood #8
  • Remove FELG21S from this area #8
  • Change to Lid Windbreak Position on left and Lid Hanging Position #8
  • Hello. Please have a look at my first entry and comment your thoughts.
    My design is neat, clean, categorized and easy to understand as I first familiarize myself with the product. I use similar design theme as your brand.
    Regards. Sivash #8

    Oh. Windbreaker and spartan and just pin words. It can be changed or removed.
  • This is my first draft.
    Your feedback is utmost important for further amendments.
    Thanks. #7
  • Hi, dear @fuegoliving! Check please my entry #6 and feel free to let me know what do you think!
    Thank you for attention & best regards
  • Hi. is there any specific dimension for the page? Will this be in a magazine, printed for flyers, or will it be used in web?
    • @newlightdesigns.001 Hi, Page dimension should be US letter size 8.5" x 11. Either Portrait or Landscape ok.