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Great experience from start to finish! I'm impressed by the talent the designers on this site have, really top-notch. And the support as well as customer service of this site is great. I received responses to my questions right away.

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Winning design #8 by xpedias, Graphic Design for Full Page Magazine Ad for Software Solutions Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by xpedias

Project description

We need a full-page magazine ad for an undisclosed publication for the Software Solutions industry. We mainly want a general advertisement for our products. Whichever ad best features our products in the most effective and attractive way will win. Our logo, as well as the 2 Microsoft logos we have uploaded, must be included in the ad. Please visit our website www.nodus.com for more information. AD SPECS: Full page (full bleed) 8-3/8” X 10-7/8” (*Bleeds must extend ¼” beyond trim for a final size of 8-7/8” X 11-3/8”). DOWNLOAD LOGO FILES HERE

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  • Hi alchemybee, I've uploaded our logo as well as the Mircosoft logos needed here for viewing and download: http://www.box.net/shared/qo5yu8c5dyvji858n6l9. (This link is also available to click in our Brief). I've also added details on the specs in our brief (under Project Description). SPECS: Full page (full bleed) 8-3/8” X 10-7/8” (*Bleeds must extend ¼” beyond trim for a final size of 8-7/8” X 11-3/8”) If you need anything else, just let me know! Thanks guys!
  • Dear nodustech, Thanks for uploading new files, unfortunately their current format will not allow me to open them. I was also wondering if you have the full page ad specifications (width/height) of the magazine publication? Kind regards, alchemybee
  • MrsMandarino, sorry about that. I've uploaded the other logos, you should be able to access them now. We sell software solutions so our products don't come in any traditional packaging. Have you had a chance to look at our website?
  • I only see one logo attached to design breif. Also do you have any high-res images of your products?
  • ChristinaFayad, anything that you can think of that could enhance our tagline, "ePayments Made Easy" would be good. ePayments or eCommerce could be interchangeable. Thanks! Good entries so far, everybody. Keep 'em coming! 1 day left :)
  • CH, #7 includes a stock image with watermark. The swirl watermark will not be in the final ad if my design is chosen. Thank-you.
  • #6 The text in & under the hand is variable, we can also write only "solutions" and the hand can hold only "o" letter etc. All is possible, this is just idea.
  • #3 #4 Since you mentioned that we are free to use stock images or clipart. The image I used is from this link: http://www.howtohacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Generic-Mouse-Computer-Wallpaper.jpg I made some enhancements on the hand and mouse though
  • Hello nodustech, I wonder if there is any specific text you wish to see in your brochure? Thanks.
  • We would like to work with you to make some changes to this ad, which is due this Thursday. Will you be able to work on it?
  • That looks great! Thank you for making the changes so quickly. We will let you know by tomorrow morning (Pacific Time) if we need any further changes.
  • I'had just uploaded an image with the changes to be checked, Thank you.
  • CHANGES: ------------------------------- Replace "Discover how easy and smooth can be with our products" with "We make it simple. We have the solutions." ------------------------------- Replace logo with this (download here: Revised logo: http://www.box.net/shared/taxfjb1jvyi0lcecjpyt) and move it to the center of the ad -- under the laptop, above the box of text. You will need to move the main image up to make space for this. ------------------------------- Replace all text with: Credit Card Advantage · Integrated eCommerce e-Bill Pay · CRM Charge · e-Sales Order Processing All Nodus ePayment and eCommerce products have been certified to be in compliance with PA-DSS for Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ GP. For more information, visit us at www.nodus.com E-mail: sales@nodus.com · Phone: 909.482.4701 ------------------------------- Remove "www.nodus.com" from the bottom and replace Microsoft Dynamics logo with the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics logo (download here: http://www.box.net/shared/nighp4edsc8if1xp4ggc) ------------------------------- That's it! Thanks so much.
  • The file was upoaded with some of the changes you had requested.
  • Congratulations on winning our contest, xpedias! Your design was picked by our CEO himself. We do want you to make a few changes, namely some of the wording and colors. I'll get back with you shortly about the wording. As for the colors, we would like to see something other than yellow/gold in that bottom half section. And could you please remove the part of our logo on the upper right hand side. Thanks!
  • Hi there. Please let me know the changes you would like to do., and refering your last post the answer is yes, this is part of your logo. Thank you.
  • Also, did you intend for part of our logo to be showing up on the upper right hand side?
  • The file press-ready has been uploaded. Thank you.
  • xpedias, can you send a press-ready PDF file of your work?