Gaia! We are looking for a sexy mother earth theme. Something that will draw the clients into the flyer and logo.

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Winning design # by , Graphic Design for Gaia! We are looking for a sexy mother earth theme. Something that will draw the clients into the flyer and logo. Contest
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Gaia is our theme for next up coming event in Orlando. The goddess Gaia was the mother of the Titans. She is considered mother Earth. We are looking for a sexy mother earth theme that is earthly, organic and Retro to go on logo and flyers

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  • We want the logo in the back ground. We want to see a Earthy look with a sexy looking earth mother Gaia image.
  • We like the earth in the back. We need it to say Black Tie Entertainment. This is the wrong direction we need you to revise this.
  • I would like you to revise this logo
  • I would like you to revise this logo
  • We need a different direction. We host events for very important, powerful people and for corporations and international business people. We need something that stands out.
  • We like that earth in the back. When we look at this logo we see something for A news channel. We need something that, when you look at it catches you attention and more for events but with an earthy touch.
  • We need something more sophisticated. When we look at this logo it looks like something it reminds us of food. We need something for our events.
  • What we want from these logos. We want a logo that stands out, we want something that is breathtaking, when you look at the logo it makes you want to come to our events. The events that we plan are for Corporations and International Business people. All our events are exclusive and trendy and held at very exclusive venues. We want that image to stand out in our logo.
  • The logos that we have asked are going to be on flyers. We want something to stand out. We like your logo, it on our top 3 we like. But, We want it to stand out more. let me tell you more about that event . The event is trendy and sophisticated.
  • I really like this logo its part of top 3. We would like to see more color and different font for GAIA. We need it to stand out. This logo is going to be on our flyers for important VIP Events.We want it to stand out. Something where you look at the logo it makes you catch your eye.
  • I based my theme upon three main concepts: earthy, seductive and possessional. The green earth allows the image to stand out, while the text flows with the idea of professionalism. The woman is arching over the earth and i have incorporated a bow tie onto her neck to add a hint of your company.
  • If you could change the colors and make it stand out more.
  • something is missing. We need something that is can stand out. maybe add more colors.
  • Its missing something we need something that can stand out.
  • We just want one earth and can you change the letters so that they are horizontal. Also, can you change the girl, she looks like she is 15 we would like a more older sexy girl. thanks
  • hope this one looks sexy... thanks...
  • hope mother Gaia's boobs can be seducing... thank you...
  • 8 day extension? And what happens now that we have no resources? Because ... remember we can only top 7 designs each ...