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Winning design #12 by Meow, Graphic Design for Good and Company Contest
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designed by Meow

Project description

We are a natural skin care company looking to design a unique, fun, and carefree label for our lotions. For example, for this first label, we have a green tea lotion. The aesthetic we are going for is colored sketches, an artsy feel to the labels rather. We have attached several graphics to give you an idea of the aesthetic we are going for. We are open to both realistic landscape drawings as well as landscapes represented by the patterns as in the idea2 attachment./ We will also attach the text that needs to be on the bottle. We do not yet have a logo so feel free to use your imagination on how our company name should be displayed. Attachments: I have attached several ideas to pull from. I would like the sun to stay in all designs with the text Good and Company Naturals in circular text around the sun. Dimensions: The label dimensions are for an 8 oz boston round bottle: 1. Length is 7.5" 2. Height is 3.5"

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  • Hello, Is the label going around the bottle like a coca-cola bottle label?
    • Yes. it is going to go around the bottle. thanks!

  • I LOVE the background! Could we possibly add another text space on the right side of the label? We may have a bit more text to use. Also, could we have bit more stylized sun with the good and co naturals going around it in a circular pattern? You are by far the best one!
    • Hello, The sun is more styled now, and I added another text space on the right side. design #10. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I LOVE the sun style. would it be possible ot make the label as such where there are two columns of text on either side of the main front logo. We have a bit more text we may like to add. Thanks!
    • I've uploaded the revised design (#9). The layout of the design will not look good with texts beside the main logo. So I placed the two new columns of text between the existing texts. Thanks!

  • I LOVE the background. Can we make the sun a bit more finished looking and perhaps change the text on the green tea lotion to make it a bit more prominent/professional. Thanks!
  • LOVE this! You have almost nailed it. I am going to pass this on to my team for any feedback.
    • That's great to hear. For now I will work on some different designs but let me know if you want some changes to be made.

  • We really love your design. Would it be possible to see a variation in maybe a monochromatic grey/white or black/white. We are curious as to how it would look with a more minimalistic color scheme while much of the design remains the same.
    • I've uploaded a black and white version (#19) and a grayscale version (#20) preview of the design. Plain white background is used for the back area to ensure readability. Thank you!

  • Hi Payden, I was just wondering if you have chosen a color for the Bottle. (Clear,Amber, White..?) Thanks!
    • The bottle will be amber. thanks!