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Project description

We are in need of brochure design. Something that incorporates our current branding that can be used in a variety of ways.

In addition to incorporating our current logo and fonts, we would like the inclusion of a texture (or textures).

Further design work will be needed after this contest, and we would like to continue working with the same designer.

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  • Different concept. #13
  • Hi
    I am interested in participating in this project.
    This is my concept for first entry.
    All is created in vector and original by me.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or style.

    Kevin #12
  • here is my design for your brochure , i hope you will like it #11
  • Hi! Here is my version for your brochure. This is just example how it can look like. Depend of text in this design will be uploaded necessary things. If you would like to change something let me know. Will do it quickly!) Thank you! #1
  • Hello! What size of brochure are you looking for? Thank you!)
    • Hi @jkrem49, thanks for your inquiry. Good question! We are hoping for something that could be utilized for different sizes, but perhaps 8.5 X 11 to start?