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Winning design #61 by gurjeevan5911, Graphic Design for Graphic for boat name Contest
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designed by gurjeevan5911

Project description

Profile of a mermaid looking like she is swimming up/out of the water with her hair flowing behind with the words 'Sassy Sandy' incorporated into her locks (which is the boat name). Can be a silhouette but needs to be captivating. I have attached an image I found in an online search that I like, but it doesn't have to be exactly this image. Boat color is a tropical blue/aquamarine and this design will be placed on each side of the bow (front) of the boat.

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  • check please #61
  • pls check sir #58
  • Can you please make this font different so the 'S' does not look like a cursive 'L'? Thanks! #8
  • text font option, feedback please for any specific change thank you #52
  • Could you please connect the tail to the 'y'? (So that is no space between the 'y' and the tail.) #43
  • I love how bold this font is! Can you show me this design in some different colors? Maybe even two or three colors in the design? #43
  • Can you make the font more bold? I really want the name to stand out.. I also love the colors! #42
  • Is there a different font you could use? The 'S' kind of looks like a cursive 'L' Thanks! #6
  • color option, feedback please thank you #42
  • For the both sides of the boat.. #36
  • For both sides of the boat #34
  • For both sides of the boat.. #33
  • sassy sandy #26
  • sassy sandy #25
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