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Project description

We have a new department in our company that is called “Research and Decision Support”. This new department is a critical pillar of our organization and is responsible for applying a combination of Research, Measurement, Intelligence, and Analytics to our Industry, Member, Initiative, and Business Operation universes. We have a need for a graphic / illustration that (attempts) to describe important three things: 1. What we do - Research, Measurement, Intelligence, and Analytics 2. Who apply our trade to - Industry, our Membership, Strategic Initiatives, and our Business Operations 3. And the Workflow (or Lifecycle) of the Department - We use Research and Measurement to “Surveil”, we apply “Education, Training, and Governance” to our Universes, and from Intelligence and Analytics comes “Process Improvement”. Our demo graphic (attached) is extremely amateur and we are looking for some new designs to express the three concepts above. The final graphic does not need to be organized in the way we have our demo graphic. (We are looking for a fresh visualization!) What is (critically) important is that the three above concepts are visually described in a smart, innovative, clear, concise, understandable format. The graphic should be printable on a single 8.5” by 11” page and should be delivered in PSD. Please visit our website ( for who we are, our styling, and how we present ourselves.

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  • No personal information/advertising allowed on the entries... just the design itself
  • Dear stephenshaffer, this is a really interessting job, because our familiy is very interested in airplanes with all the trimmings. This graphic is just a rough concept we can build on. We can modify it according to your ideas when there are details you don't like. Just contact me if this is the right approach. Best Regards, Matthias (Matt) Info: I've just added my watermark on it. The final concept is not watermarked :)
  • Hi Stephen, Please find #2 for your consideration. I look forward to your comments. I loaded up the shadows and gradients for higher impact but they easily all can be removed. I'll do a test print to see how it looks. Please feel free to do a screen grab and print on your end. It looks like I got something started! Before selecting a winner, it would be most appreciated if you would offer me the opportunity to make a revision particularly if another's design is simply a revision of my concept. Best, Jessica
  • #5 and #6 are the same. #5 was uploaded as a wrong file type so please ignore this entry. I am avialable to make any adjustments needed and would like to include your company logo where i have the initials of your organization. Please let me know if anything is missing and upon approval would like to ensure all spelling is correct. Thanks in advance.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check #4. I tried to match the colors and the font with your website. Since you prefer a printable graphic, I didn't use any gradient and shadows, tried to emphasize "the universes where we work" and "what we do" sections with different colors and tried to find the visualization you're looking for with the "lifecycle of the department" If you decide to use the logo as I suggested, could you please upload an ai document of the logo? I'm thinking to suggest the graphic without the dark blue background. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes. Best Regards
  • #3 is very basic at this point, but I think, unlike the other designs, it really shows the connections and relationships you outline in the brief. If you like the concept and would like to see more information or any other changes to the graphic, please let me know and I can polish it up. Thank you
  • Hi Stephen, I would like to enter your contest. I have looked at your chart and I am looking for clarification. I see that the starting point is Surveillance (which includes research, measurement, analysis and intelligence which is collected and created through polls, reports, etc... This data is then used to Educate and Train people in industry (is this all industry or a department?), your members, strategic initiatives (is this a department or is this what you are teaching?), business operations (is this a department or is this what you are teaching?). Please explain Governance. Do you govern people? Does this mean that you oversee the various "universes". I find the use of the word "Universes" curious. Is this professional lingo? Is there a better word? The outcome of all of this is Process Improvement? And lastly, how does this circle back to Surveillance? This I do not understand. Thanks and best, Jessica
  • @pfcasmithers: (as stated on the brief) The graphic should be printable on a single 8.5” by 11” page and should be delivered in PSD.
  • Are you looking for a graphic powerpoint slide type of illustration?
  • A visual sketch may help get better submissions. Just food for thought as i am thinking this could be quite the challenge without to much background in your field.
  • Based on infographics concept and according to the brief. Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Respected CH. I've submitted two designs.. #12. This is What I've extracted from your example. #13. This is What I've Visualized from your brief. I've designed this in Illustrator, AI. Easy to modify and No Issue to Scale Up in any size. Please let me know If you want more design or need to change any thing in submitted designs.. Thanks. Best Regards, Aayz.
  • Hi CH... I am working on it.. Will submit my mockups soon.. thanx..
  • Dear stephenshaffer, #10 is converted to designcontest image size. The original 8.5"x11" design would come to full page. Thanks! Khirthika
  • Made each of the 4 sections look like they're separated by a propeller blade.
  • Adjusted the colours of #16 to make it stand out from the background more.