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ich brauche eine abstrakte liquid paint Datei, wie unten im bildbeispiel und dies in 8000x8000

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  • 100% original, inserts at the right are pixel level details at actual size. Original is 8000x8000 pixels, and I can provide, PSD, TIFF, or PNG files, whichever you prefer. #39
  • liquid paint #38
  • Just making sure I understand what you're looking for, here, you want a raster image(bitmap, TIFF, PNG, etc.) not a vector image, of something that looks like liquid paint, and it needs to be 8000x8000 pixels. If I'm correct in this, do you have any specific colors in mind? Is the attached example the colors you like best, or is there something else you might prefer more? Also, just out of curiosity, and this may or may not help to nail this down, but what is it going to be used for? That's a pretty large file, 64 megapixels, so my curiosity is naturally aroused.
  • hallo #19
  • HI!
    please give your precious feedback
    Thank you #7
  • dear
    If you are a good client
    I can give more designs
    Would you please?

    visualizer #1
  • Dear
    The design I gave you
    111.111 inches by111.111 inches
    I have sized
    Do you want another new design

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