Heavy Metal Off-Road

1st time user, wasn't sure what to expect. Many people had a hard time understanding my desires, but there were a few good artists that really came through and I am happy to say I only had to run a single campaign! Thank you!

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Winning design #13 by aymansolomon_fx, Graphic Design for Heavy Metal Off-Road Contest
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designed by aymansolomon_fx

Project description

Hello! You are about to work on a really fun project, and create bad-ass logo for me I hope! My business "Heavy Metal Off-Road" is all about outrageous 4x4's, rock crawlers, buggies, etc.  What I am looking for is an image that represents my industry and my business name. I have this concept of a "weight on wheels," and i'd like to stick with that. I am however open to how it looks, angles and all. Heavy metal both literally and music related is where the name comes from. I attached some images as inspiration. I want it to look loud and aggressive, and detailed so it doesn't look like it was done in Microsoft paint, like the last crappy $45 online special did for me.

Knobby tires, coilover shocks, aggressive looks and business name located underneath are required. Flat or flexed suspension is optional. Environment is optional. Windows, doors, little details are all optional. I also need vector file format. Get creative and have a good time making this! I thank you in advance.

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  • I haven't ink it in yet. I wanted to get it in before time runs out, so you can see the basic idea. Thank you! #15
    • About #15, @graphman thats a great concept, I dig it! Great potential!

  • Updated tires #14
  • Final result, and details enhancement #13
  • Added texture to tires, still need some work on its shapes but you may take a look:) #12
  • I like the idea of more aggressive tires as well #3
  • Would it be too difficult to try a color #3
  • sorry for being late, how about this aspect? #11
  • About #9, @hmortim Thank you:)
  • About #10, @Desa words are cool, but not the theme I'm looking for
    • About #10, @hmortim Ok.

  • I like the addition of the coilover tubes. I'm still looking for an updated color on the acronym #8
  • I like the addition of the coilover tubes. I'm still looking for an updated color on the acronym #8
  • Updated version: heavyer outlines, changed dirt splatters, some new small strokes. #9
    • About #9, @Desa looks great!

  • And version with tattoo style gothic font. #10
  • The New Result of #7, what do you think? #8
  • This looks Savage! The only thing I can think of to change is maybe the color of the HMOR so it stands out better. Maybe red? #7
    • @hmortim Thank you for your fast response, I will refine these details as fast as possible #7

  • Hi Sir,
    Please have a look at that design, it took a while to create, hope it'll be the desired logo.
    best regards #7
  • After the suspension tubes are changed, and the front axle is changed, add an axle tube similar to the front in the rear. It will be a larger tube than the suspension tubes, naturally #2
    • About #6, @hmortim Different layout.

  • Lets revert back to the previous design and just modify some things. see notes on other image
    • About #5, @hmortim I hope I got it right. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Hi @hmortim you need 3D looks or flat color?
    • @pozil flat, cartoonish looks

  • There are 3 suspension tubes here. There only needs to be 2 of them. Remove the top tube. Move the middle tube from the corner over more to the right, giving the tube a little more of a straight-on perspective #2