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Project description

This drawing will be at the footer of my website. It will be a progression from Monkey to modern man, regarding bathroom use and the final man who now uses a water cleaning device after going to the bathroom. I have included an example of the style I am looking for, file name "Footer example", but please no stick drawings like you see in the drawing of small people. The background color would be RBG 51, 51, 51 or #333333, but I would also like the choice of having it on a off white or white background too. What I an not looking for is drawings of people sitting on a toilet, wiping or squatting going to the bathroom. This is a list of progression ideas for you to start with. The Monkey would start on the left ending with the modern man on the right. 1. Monkey/Ape 2. Caveman/Homoerectus scratching his head 3. Neanderthal holding leaf with a confused look on his face. 4. 250 years ago man holding corncob with pain on his face. 5. 100 years ago man holding newspaper with yikes look on his face. 6. Modern man holding a roll of toilet with some of the paper hanging down, with a sad look on his face. 7. Today's modern man holding a Remote with a smart look and big smile on his face. That image name is "remote". Please be creative and keep it fun and let me know if you have any questions. If you would like to learn about this device, please look at the image called "Device".

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  • first submission in the contest... #1... please do review it... thanks
    • I like your work, but not exactly what I am looking for. The corn should be Just the cob and no leafs (this is what they used to use for wiping) and this person should be someone from about 250 years ago and most likely had a full beard, not a cave man. The news paper is for wiping, not reading, but don't show someone wiping, this guy was from about 100 years ago and could have a mustache and or goatee. I don't care for too many round heads and maybe the last guy is the only one that has his arm up. Remember the background will be the RBG color 51, 51, 51 and looking more like line drawing with some detail in the Footer example file and the same drawing that I can use in a white background too. Thank you for you hard work and please let me know if you have any questions. You can Google "what did people look like or wear 250 years ago" that might be helpful.

  • When considering this job, please make sure to look at the file name "Footer example", this is the style of work that I need, more like a line drawing that will go over a darker background RBG color 51, 51, 51, but I also need a darker one to place over a lighter background, same drawing but a different color. I am on a deadline and need to get this done soon, so please enter you work now and I will choose the one I like before the contest ends. I am happy to answer any questions and looking forward to your work!
  • please have a view of my entry ( spadechennai ) and express ur views !
  • hey mike. i've made the changes you asked for in #7. let me know what you think needs to be done..
  • you copied entry 1
  • Looking great! I guess I should have done this last night! I uploaded a file named HoldingRemote.png that shows how I would like the girl holding the Remote, so this away, the remote is more obvious. Keep the size of the remote the same as the first drawing you did and don't use the image of the remote, but draw it out with just enough detail so it looks like a remote. And please open her eyes, but not bulging like before. This is my finale request and I will pick your work today. Question: Are you going to send me a Photoshop PSD file when done and please make sure the images are separated from the background with both B&W and Color. Thank you very much and you do great work.
    • Thanks - no prob on the changes. Will have revision posted before the contest closing... I can send you the images however you like (PSD with layers, vector art EPS, etc.) Just let me know size and specs.

    • I am ready to end this contest, so please go ahead and I will choose your work. Thanks, Mike

    • Okay I ended the contest. Please provide larges file size in a PSD and EPS vector separated from the background. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions. I have Photo and illustrator, so I can reduce the file size myself

  • I really like your work and would like to see a few changes and then I will choose your work. Thanks for making the images in color and black and white. Have the monkey have his right hand reaching to his backside, everything else stays the same. The caveman looks good but remove the leaf and have him smelling his hand with a YUCK look on his face and not standing so straight. This is supposed to be a total of 7, so in-between the caveman and the corncob guy, add a neanderthal (more modern looking caveman) holding a leaf with a confused look on his face. He will be taller than the caveman but not as tall as the corncob guy. Standing a little straighter. The guy holding the news paper, have him holding half of the news paper with print in his left hand and tearing it with his right hand already holding several strips of torn newspaper. The girl, make her eyes different so she does not look dumb like the guy next to her with a really happy look on her face and make the remote a tad bit bigger with all of it exposed with more detail, looking like the image I provide. Looking forward to seeing your work :-)
    • Thanks! I will upload a new pencil sketch so we can get the details right before another render.

  • Please disregard this message.
  • #9 think this fits? i can get some colour in it if you want to :D
  • I just joined and plan to submit before the contest closes... any objection to the final person being a woman? Could be a good counter to the modern man with teepee. Plus I would imagine women are way more likely to invest in your product (and talk their husbands into it) ;)