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Winning design #29 by jjyepez, Graphic Design for Illustrated Website Background Image Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jjyepez

Project description

We are looking for a vector image of a illustrated closet interior. The perspective should be one in which the viewer is entering the closet with shelving or closet elements on both sides (see sample image). This will be used as a background for our online retail website, which sells women’s accessories and clothing (the site is currently up right now with guides and details on where the image will fall as well as the logo We are looking for a design that is both elegant and modern. The image must have a hand drawn sketch, draft, or drawing look with MINOR imperfections (see examples #11, #12, and #13). The majority of this closet's detail must be on the left most and right most 25% of the image (example included). The top section of the image will also need to be filled in as well but a lesser degree of detail and darkness so that it doesn't interfere with the upper section of the webpage. The graphic will be COLORLESS with only black white and gray shades with the detail fading to lower detail toward the center (where the rotator and main content will be placed over it). Shelves or other details should contain women products such as bags, shoes accessories etc. We are looking for a vector image but to give an indication, the image will be covering a 1920x1624px space.

Do's and Dont's for submitting:
DO NOT utilize an existing image, illustration or picture. This must be unique
DO NOT copy the sample image. We are looking for something MORE ELEGANT, we provided the sample for perspective
DO NOT use colors, only black and gray shades please.

DO stick to the perspective of someone entering a closet as described above.
DO ask questions if you need further clarification.
DO visit the site and review the provided samples.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your design!

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  • Jacquie, First off thank you for your submission. The image looks a little more like the inside of a store than the inside of a closet. Also we are not looking for an image that replicates the one shown in the example (which this one seems to with the vertical lines etc). The example is mainly to show the perspective that we are looking for. To improve upon it, if there are vertical shelves going to the top on either side, that will get us a little closer to what we are looking for.
  • #4 hey, i will add more details but this is the general idea of what you're looking for? my first ever submission, so please go easy!
  • Alt version, darker back wall. Hope you like it. Regards, -- jjy
  • Dear CH, This is a little bit darker version using the dimensions that fit best on your website as I can tell. Hope you like it. -- jjy
  • Also, I think using more black will help get the contrast that we need. The black can be used in accessories, lining, and the underside of the shelves which is dark.
  • See feedback on #20
  • I think this is a good start, but we would like to see more detail in the overall image. There are some things missing like the ceiling and the floor that make the room undefined. We would like to see more black used.
  • The design is coming along nicely. I have uploaded a markup on entry/example number 22. Overall, we would like to see a little more contrast in the image. I also want to verify that the file that you will be providing will be big enough to cover the area specified in the description. Thanks for all your work so far.
  • Thank you for the feedback, i will continue working on it.
  • Dear Ch, Thanks for the helpful feedback. I'll be posting revisions soon. Best regards, -- jjy
  • We would like to see another version without the "daily closet", the perspective to match the one found in entries 7 and 10, less gray, and a little more detail towards the center.
  • Hi! Please,could you check my design? #17.Thank you
  • See feedback on entry #7
  • Thank you for your entries. This image is a great foundation for improving upon. We like what you did. What we like the perspective and the detail in the shelves, floor, doors, etc. We also like the symmetry. To take it further here is some feedback on what we like to be changed and added: 1. We would like the overall image to look more natural like it was hand drawn or sketched with MINOR imperfections. This can be done by using a pencil style, draft or sketch style for the lines AND shading. See the latest example images uploaded for an example. 2. Right now there is a little too much shading and gray which makes the overall image look a little flat. We need more white in the image to help balance it out. Use black and white as the base colors and use the pencil style to shade key areas (fading to white). Example: the doors can be white, the selves can be white. Also to make it look more like a drawing, fade dark to light not light to dark. 3. We would like the shelves to be populated with accessories that may be found in a women's closet (handbags, shoes, hats, folded clothes etc) with the same sketch style. See submission #4 for an example of items and add sketch style. 4. We would like to have elegant door handles to be added to the doors. (see uploaded example)
  • Perspective of the shelves are lost in the black/white combination. No vertical lines please. Good start.
  • Too dark, perspective of the shelves are lost in the black/white combination. No vertical lines please. Good start.
  • Please read the description regarding perspective.
  • Please read the description regarding perspective.
  • Thank you for the latest round of entries, we are testing them now and will provide feedback shortly.
  • I think this is exactly how we want it. Thank you. I will be testing the sample on the site for the next couple of days to see if there are any tweeks needed, but I doubt there will be.