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Winning design #49 by ipsihi, Graphic Design for Ironlights - VR Game Menu Design Contest
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designed by ipsihi

Project description

I'm looking for an updated design for the menus in my VR game, Ironlights. Ironlights is a VR fighting game where players fight exciting duels in a huge, modern stadium in front of a crowd of thousands. Even though the armor and weapons are medieval (swords, staffs, flails, etc.), the game is presented as a modern / futuristic VR e-sport.

We are working on the menus for the game, but we haven't figured out an attractive look-and-feel, and none of us are artists, so we need help!

I've attached a screenshot of the single-player campaign menu, where we have been experimenting with some different styles. We would like you to submit a redesigned mockup of the menu in the attached screenshot. The overall layout and text can stay the same (or similar), but the colors, fonts, graphics, etc. can all be changed. 

More details about this specific menu: On the left is the information about the player's character. On the right is the partial list of all the opponents who the player is competing with in their league. In the center is the main area where players pick what battle they want to fight next. There are three types: Tournaments, Exhibition Matches, and Duels. Each listed match is a button that the player can press for extra details, and these buttons can be in one of three states: open, locked, or completed. See the screenshot for examples.

Because this is a VR game, the menu is floating in space in front of the player; it's not a standard 2D menu that's right on the screen. The background is a plain room with shiny grey tiles on the walls, as shown in the screenshot. I've attached a plain background screenshot as well.

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  • i hope you like it #52
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #48
  • Hi, i have made some suttle changes keeping UX in mind....kindly review. best regards #46
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #45
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #44
  • @EMcNeill. clear information large panels etc.. #40
  • About #37, @glaxon

    I like the style of the lists! And the player info at the top of the left panel is very attractive.

    My biggest remaining complaints are the font and the color scheme. I think the colors are overall too bright and varied, and the font is too blocky and futuristic.
  • About #27, @manojkg2000

    I really like the style you used on the lists on the right and left! The new border style is definitely more elaborate and interesting, though I think some parts (like the slanted "notches" or the "wires" in the top middle) are a little too much. Also, the font is inoffensive but very plain.
  • About #32, @ipsihi

    I really like how this is turning out! A few more concerns / suggestions:

    - I'm worried about how to make it clear what's clickable (the match options in the center panel, the buttons on the top and bottom of the right panel) and what's not. Maybe clickable elements should have an outline kind of like the green outline around the Complete matches?

    - I don't hate the dark blue background or the overall color scheme, but I don't love it either. This is a more directly implementable mockup than #15, but I felt like the colors on that one were more attractive.

    - I appreciate the change in font, but again, though I don't hate the fonts, I don't love them either. The headers still feel a little too "hard sci-fi" or militaristic, while the new font on the match cards is quite plain. An in-between font would be ideal.
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #38
  • Hi
    i have make it less crowded

    Awaiting for your kind comments.

    Thanks. #36
  • Hi
    i have make it less crowded

    Awaiting for your kind comments.

    Thanks. #34
  • Good day! I made a new background (background). If the overall design suits you, I will provide all the buttons, icons, section names on a transparent background. I can also make the necessary changes according to your preferences. All images are made in vector graphics format in Adobe Illustrator.
    Sincerely, Alexander #28
  • kindly review the updated layout and provide feedback. #27
  • I approached these pages a little differently.

    1. As you can see, Louis III is a Gold Level player. All the items in Gold would change to SILVER, including the Heavy Gold Frames and rivets, if they were in the SILVER LEAGUE. All the items in GOLD would change to a white/blue if they were in the DIAMOND LEAGUE.

    2. The left page, the "Player's Page", I listed the top 5 upgrades and a button to get to the full list of upgrades, both "Achieved" and "Locked". I know from gaming that you can accumulate many upgrades and accessories as you play the game more and more, and it would not be possible to list them all on this Player Page. There needs to be a button provided to get you to the full page. The ones that are listed can be the 'best ones' and can also be a "button" to give you more info on the upgrade, including its value and re-sale value. Many games allow you to re-sell you upgrades and equipment on an open market to other players.

    3. The right panel listing all the players in your league with ranking could also allow each position tile to be a button. It could lead you to a bio of the player that included achievements. I only listed 10 per page. The 'TOP 10' list is common and each page would have 10, as you use the scroll button at the bottom.

    4. The middle page, the "GAME PAGE" I approached differently. I have provided a button with the number of games in that category that are currently listed. I feel it would be very difficult to list, on this page, the tournaments, exhibition matches and duels that would be available to you, especially as more and more people sign on to your game. If you have 400 registered players, you could possibly schedule 20 - 30 different tournaments to choose from, there could be 100 exhibition matches and hundreds of duels available. In each category there would be some that are open or locked. As you complete more and more, this COMPLETED number will continue to grow, possibly into the Hundreds or Thousands.

    I hope you find this interesting and is something that you feel you can use.

  • Thank you Sir for the feedback , i submitted a new Entry #22
  • I have added a new screenshot that just shows the background of the scene, so you may use that as a background for your designs.
  • About #17, @LogoPol17

    Very cool! I like a lot about this. I do worry that some of the smallest text will be hard to read, and I think that the background graphics of the locked / completed options could be made a different color to indicate their status.
  • About #16, @glaxon

    This is one of the more elaborate designs, and although I don't want it to get too "sci-fi" and tech-y, I like this! The frames that you put around the different sections are attractive.

    I do want to request a different color scheme for the list on the right; I think the green and yellow stands out too much from the rest.
  • About #15, @ipsihi

    Thanks for your submission! It shows good taste, I think. My worry is that it feels too "tech-y"; although I like a futuristic UI, this feels like hard sci-fi. Also, it would be helpful to post this against a background of some sort so I can envision what it might look like in-game.